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In the name of Allah, Peace to the true and living

I'm looking for the articles that True Islam and his A-likes had on their great website. I'm especially looking for the Great Debate - Allah is a Man between bro True Islam and Dawud Muhammad. If anyone has it or any of the other articles I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail it to me: my e-mail is

Thanks in advance
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In the name of Allah - Peace

Thank you sir, that was most helpful. I send positive energy your way!

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Master Fard Muhammad and the 24 Scientists
By True Islam of the Allah Team

"Say: He, Allah, is One. He begets not, nor is He begotten."(Holy Qur'an 112:1-3)

To most readers, the above Qur'anic verse is the clearest affirmation of strict "philosophical" monotheism - "philosophical" meaning affirming the oneness of the abstract God of philosophy as opposed to the anthropomorphic God of Religion. In fact, though this is correct in one sense, it is incorrect in another.

The first part of this verse, "Say: He Allah is One," could be reference to that singular primordial God - force which existed in the Womb of Space before "The Beginning"; that "Spirit of God" which sparked the first Atom 76 trillion years ago and is now dwelling within the Temple in Man - the bodies of every Black Man, Woman, and Child.

The second verse, however, "He begets not nor is He begotten," is reference to two separate individuals - or two different manifestations of that primordial God - force. "Nor is He begotten" is speaking of the very first God which self-created Himself in the Womb of Triple Darkness 76 trillion years ago. In Part Three I described that 6 trillion year "creative evolution" of that First God, Allah The Original Man. He was not begotten. He was Self Created.

"He begets not, is reference to the Last God, Master Fard Muhammad. When He came among the Black Man and Woman in the Hells of North America, He had begotten no children. He abstained in preparation for a specific task: finding and reclaiming that which was lost.

Why are these two Gods here mentioned in the same breath? Is there any relation between them?

In the New Testament, their relationship is described as that of a Father and a Son, even though they are separated by 70 trillion years. These two God's are so close and so intertwined with each other, the latter could say, "When you have seen me, you have seen the Father, for I and the Father are One."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that, After Allah The Original Man, the First God, self created Himself, He immediately recognized the imperfection in his make. This imperfection manifested itself throughout His whole creation. Thus, neither the planets nor the solar systems are perfect ciphers - they are egg shaped. The circumference of the planet Earth is not a perfect 25,000 square miles; it is 24,896 square miles. A day is not a perfect 24 hours; it is 23 hours 56 minutes and 46 seconds. The earth rotates 1,037 AND 1/3 miles per hour. The Earth is inclined 23 and 1/2 degrees. "1/3" and "1/2" are fractions, which are mathematical imperfections. The imperfections of Creation are manifestations of the imperfection in the nature of the Creator. The First God, upon realizing this, desired perfection for Himself and His creation. He yearned for such perfection. His yearning was passed down in the genes of His descendants, who also yearned for perfection. This yearning will ultimately activate an immutable Law.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that whenever a people are deprived of something, that deprivation will cause a yearning. That yearning, over time, will cause a child to be born one day who will fulfill the yearning. That child will be born just as any normal child is born, but he or she will not be normal. They are children of Destiny, the Seeds of Yearning. Their genetic makeup would be so tailored by Providence that their nature, skills, temperament, and inclinations are all suited for the mission for which they were born. Such souls as Ahknaton, Tousant Louverturre, Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Elijah Muhammad, etc., were all Seeds of Yearning. Their time on earth will affect a great change.

The yearning of the First God for perfection was passed on from generation to generation. Every God that ruled after Him tried to establish a perfect order. Every God failed. The yearning grew and intensified. It would tale 70 trillion years for the Law, call it the Law of Depravation, to produce One to fulfill this just desire. On February 26, 1877, a Seed of Yearning was born in the Holy City Mecca. 70 trillion years of depravation and yearning produced a boy child that would be unlike any human being that ever preceded Him. He would be the Last God because He would be the First Perfect God - a God with Perfect Wisdom because He is born to answer the Original God's cry for perfection.

This One, Master Fard Muhammad, (to whom praise is due forever), the New World King, is the topic of this Part. He is greatly misunderstood by even many of us who say He is who He is. I pray Allah this work will help in our peoples understanding of this One who traveled 9,000 miles to claim this Lost Sheep."

The Twenty Four Scientists

To properly understand Master Fard Muhammad, one must understand the reality of the Twenty Four Scientists. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that Allah was a Man. He presided over a Divine Council which consisted of twenty-three other Black Man who are gods like Him but of a lesser degree. The twenty-four of them make up a Secret Order, the most secret of all Secret Orders. They are variously referred to as the Twenty Four Scientists, the Twenty Four Elders or the Council of The Gods. Muhammad teaches that these twenty-four men govern the universe and the Black Nation. Of the twenty-four, there are Twelve Major Scientists and Twelve Minor Scientists. They constitute the best minds of the Original Nation. Of the Twelve Major Scientists, One of them sits as Judge above all the others because He is the Best Knower. This One is called Allah.

These twenty-four men, who are gods, are the wisest Black Men anywhere on earth. They represent every tribe and color of the Nation of Islam. The inner circle of Twelve is the real power behind the universe. They hold within their circle all knowledge and they pass their wisdom down from Father to Son. The language of these men is Arabic and their way of life is Islam. Collectively, they are called Allah as the One judge among them is called Allah.

These Twenty Four Scientists have nine main duties. Their first duty is to write history. But writing history for these Gods does not mean recording events after they happen. These Gods write the history of the world BEFORE it transpires. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that at the beginning of every 25,000 Year Cycle, twenty three Scientists would go out from the root of civilization to all four corners of the Earth; to every nation, among every kindred and tongue, and live among the people for a period of time studying the culture of that people. They would "tune in" to the thinking of the people. By tuning in on the thinking of the people, they could look down the line of time, and according to the dissatisfaction in the minds of the people, could predict exactly what the people would do and the time in which it would happen, for the next 25,000 years.

These Gods could look down the line of time to the fruition or fulfillment of yearning of this seed of dissatisfaction, and write the history: what will be, when it shall be, when it shall be, how it shall be, why it shall be. After they had tuned in on the earth, the Gods would reassemble back at the Root of Civilization. After sitting down and predicting what shall be allowed to transpire, the Twenty Four Scientists, the Judge and sole authority, would decide on what would be and what would not be. He, Allah, has the final decision and will ultimately give the command of 'Kun'-Be! He has the power to stop any of the predicted developments and cause it to develop a different way. But when He feels it is necessary for the history to be written as the Gods presented, it is guaranteed to transpire on the earth, for He has said 'Kun.'

This 25,000 Years of Prophetic History is put in a book that is kept by the Gods. They then make sure that history is fulfilled. They exacerbate the conditions on the earth to make sure it develops just as it was prophesied. Whenever a segment of the History is about to be fulfilled, one of the Twelve Major Scientists raises up a man from the midst of a particular people and informs that man of the coming events. That man is made a "Prophet" and he then begins to prophesy. His prophecies are written down and are called "scriptures." Scriptures are writings that are portions of a greater writing. The scriptures of the world, the Bible, the Qur'an, the Zend-Avesta, and others, are portions of the Greater Writing, also called Holy Qur'an or Umm-al-Kitab, the Mother Book. As we will show later, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and all of the prophets were approached by one of these Gods from the Circle of Twelve (Majors)."

" The number of Gods on this Divine Council being twenty-four is not arbitrary. Muhammad teaches,

'There is a significance to the number 24 Scientists and the 25,000 years. The number 24 Scientists used is in accordance with the hour in our day and the measurement of the circumference of our planet...Our planet is not exactly 25,000 miles in circumference, it is 24,896 and we, according to astronomy, don't have a full 24-hour day but near that- 23 hours, 56 minutes and 46 seconds. The change made in our planets rotation at the Poles is about one minute a year and takes 25,000 years to bring about a complete change in the region of the poles. The actual poles are inclined 23 1/2 degrees to the plane of its orbit. The original nation uses 23 Scientists to write the future of that nation for the next 25,000 years, and the 24th is the Judge or the One God, Allah."

These Scientists write the Prophetic History to equal our home (Earth) circumference of approximately 25,000 square miles; thus, a year for every mile.

The Scientists' duty is to guide the History of the Black Man in accord with the 25,000 Year Prophetic History and to fulfill the scriptures. The Bible is a book of prophecy which describes events that take us all the way into the Apocalypse.* As the History is written, the Twenty Four Scientists make sure it happens just as it is written. They are also responsible for imparting Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding to Allah's rophets and ministers.

These Scientists from the Black Nation guide the planets. The Caucasian creates satellites and sends them up in space to spin on their axis, but they often find themselves having to repair one. Allah likewise makes sure that His satellites (planets) are functioning properly.
They are also responsible for governing the Mother Ship and piloting it. More on that later. They destroy evil on the earth through the science of nature, by controlling the weather, rain, hail, snow and earthquakes. The Son of Man does all of this.

The Scientists are responsible for collecting and preserving the wisdom of the universe. When the Caucasian was released from the caves, he went all over the earth destroying the Black civilizations that he found. One of the things he did in the process was burn down the libraries that we stored divine knowledge in. This was repeated when whites invaded Egypt, Chaldea, India and elsewhere. Today, writers mourn the loss of such works as the Egyptian Book of Thoth or Histories written by Manetho, or the Chaldean Histories written by Berosus. Scholars assume they were destroyed during the invasions. But in fact, it is the duty of the Gods to secure such wisdom and make sure it is not destroyed.

The Scientists serve as the "Heads" of the Black Nation. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that there were originally five billion members of the Black Nation on the earth that were divided into 12 Nations. The Head of each of these 12 Nations was one of the Twelve Major Scientists. They were each represented by one of the twelve constellations.
In the Muslim World, this Council of the Gods is referred to as the Exalted Assembly. Manly P. Hall, in his Mystics in Islam, observes:

"According to certain mystical calculations, the true saints of the Moslem world are...the 'unseen men' who journey to all parts of the world according to the Will of God and are given authority over the affairs of mankind, both Moslem and non-Moslem. Sometimes these saints are collectively referred to as The Owners, or Masters of Destiny. The chief among them is known as the Center, and each morning the saints assemble at Mecca, presumably by some mystical projection of their higher natures, and report all they have done to the Center."

The Center here is the Judge, Allah. Hall further says of the Center,...

"...Hall further says of the center,

'At the head of the hierarchy composing the inner or mystical Dervish Order is a most august sole, who is called the 'Axis' or 'Pole' of the universe...(H)e often wanders the earth in the garb of a novice. He is a Master of the power of magic, can make himself invisible at will, and traverse vast distances with the speed of thought...This great body of spiritual mystics, collectively the "Lords of Souls' and "Directors,' is an invisible government controlling all the temporal institutions of Islam, and far surpassing in power all earthly monarchs... With ...AN INNER BODY COMPOSED OF GOD-MEN so highly advanced and so superior to ordinary humanity that they seem more mystical than real, it is evident that the Dervishes form a very powerful Order in the Islamic world.'

This 'Axis of the Universe' is Allah Himself, the World King or Judge. It is interesting that He often walk's the earth as a novice (which is just a student instead of Master). Master Fard Muhammad, the Axis which we will deal with later, first appeared as a "prophet" instead of the God that He really was.
As stated at the beginning, this is a Secret Order. These Twenty Four constitute a fraternity of wise men, a grand order of adepts. Whites are aware of this Secret Order of God and have patterned their own secret orders after it. Giuseppe Mazzini, lord of the Alta Vandita which was the highest lodge of the blackest Freemasonry in France, Germany, and England, said in 1871 in a letter to his comrade Dr. Breidenstine a few years before his death:

"We form an association of brothers in all points of the globe. We wish to break every yoke. Yet, there is one unseen that can be hardly felt, yet it weighs on us. Whence comes it? Where is it? No one knows...or at least no one tells. This association is secret even to us the veterans of secret societies."

This "secret association" that weighs on them is the Secret Association of the Gods: The Twenty Four Scientists. It has come to be known in secular circles as "The Hierarchy," "The Great Brotherhood," or "The Hidden Directorate." It is said rule all of the secret societies and Mysteries through it's adepts. According to The Trail of the Serpent,

"...the higher grades of all hermetic societies require that the adept be enslaved by some astute mind or group of minds which, it would seem, seek to rule the nations through hypnotically controlled adepts... for one and all of these modern Mysteries are ruled by some unknown hierarchy..."

One of the secret societies that is reported to have received guidance from the Gods is the Golden Dawn Society of Germany. Samuel Liddell Mathers, reformer of the Golden Dawn in 1892, claimed that he received the Order's four ascending Adeptus Grades degrees from the Gods whom he called "The Secret Chiefs." In a meeting with his fellow initiates, he described his encounters with the Gods:

"As to the Secret Chiefs of the Order...from whom I have received my wisdom of the Second Order ...I can tell you NOTHING (emphasis original). I know not even their earthly names, and I have rarely seen them in their physical bodies...My encounters with them have shown me how difficult it is for a mortal, however advanced, to support their presence...the sensation was that of being in contact with so terrible a force that I can only compare it to the continued effect which is usually experienced by any person to whom the flash of lightning passes during a violent storm; coupled with a DIFFICULTY OF RESPIRATION SIMILAR TO THE HALF STRAGLING EFFECT PRODUCED BY THE ETHER. As tested as I have been in occult work, I cannot conceive a much less advanced Initiate being able to support such a strain, even for five minutes without death ensuing...the nervous prostration after each meeting being terrible and accompanied by cold sweats and bleeding from the nose, mouth, and ears."

This Divine Council of Twelve has for trillions of years been the Supreme Government of the Black Nation with God (the Judge) as it's King. Until 66 trillion years ago, the King and His Host ruled the Nation openly and publicly. God was then known among the people. 66 trillion years ago, however, God went into hiding. After a Great God tried to destroy the planet with high explosives, God, along with His Council, "went underground." No more were they to rule the Nation openly. Instead, they became a secret order and governed the Nation clandestinely.

This withdrawing of God is a pivotal aspect of many aboriginal traditions which teaches that at one time God was on earth but has since "gone away." E.O. James, in his History of Religion, notes:

"In all these widely separated groups (aboriginal tribes)...the Supreme thought to have existed before death came into the world, and having made Himself, He lived on the earth, could 'go anywhere and do anything.' After a time, for one reason or another, He retired to the seclusion of the sky where He has lived ever since as the Great Chief."

God and His Entourage were to stay in hiding for a pre-determined number of years and then reveal their identity to the masses once again. In ancient Egypt, as we have shown, the Creator was a Black Man named Atum which means "the Self-Created." He was said to have been assisted by a "paut" or Council of Gods called the Ali. After time, Atum and His Ali hid themselves from the people. Atum's name was changed to Amen which means "the Hidden." Dr. Albert Churchward, in Origin and Evolution of Religion, says:

"The word Amen...means 'what is hidden', 'what is not seen,' 'what cannot be seen.' The hymns to Amen often state that he is 'HIDDEN TO HIS CHILDREN,' 'HIDDEN TO GODS AND MEN.'...In the Hymns to Amen-Ra he is adored as one and the same as Atum, which shows that Amen is a later name for Atum: AND HE IS REPRESENTED AS 'THE HIDDEN GOS' OF AMENTA, OR 'THE SECRET EARTH.'"

God and His Divine Council were said to have hidden themselves in a secret subterranean kingdom called variously Amenta, Shamballah, Shangri-La, and Agarthi. From the hidden kingdom, God and His Host directs the affairs and the future of nations and individuals.

The World King

One of the groups who had contact with Allah and His Emissaries are the Lamas of Central Asia. One entrance to the hidden, subterranean Kingdom of God is said to be located North of the Gobi Desert. From there, "the Hidden Directorate" or "Inner Circle of Humanity" governs the affairs of these men. This Inner Circle, according to the lamas, is a Circle of Twelve God-Men called the Princes of Shamballah or the Goros of Agarthi. These Twelve owe allegiance to one man who is Supreme in Power, Wisdom and Holiness. This One Man is called the King of the World or the World-King or Brahytma. These are the Twelve Major Scientists and the World King is Allah, the judge. From the Hidden Kingdom the Brahytma or World King judicates.

Brahytmma is not a person but a position. The Best Knower among the Gods is He who sits enthroned for a designated term. One Lama said of the World-King,

"He knows all the forces of the world and reads all the souls of humankind and the GREAT BOOK OF THEIR DESTINY. Invisibly he rules eight hundred million men on the surface of the earth and they will accomplish his every order."

"The Great Book of their destinies" is the Umm Al-Kitab or Mother Book which contains the destiny of the world for 25,000 years.

These Gods are Supreme Scientists and as such their subterranean Kingdom is said to possess astonishingly advanced technology. According to Edwin Bernbaum in The Way to Shambalah,

"According to descriptions of the Kings palace…, special skylights made of lenses act like high-powered telescopes to reveal life on other planets and solar systems. The King also possesses a glass mirror in which he can see scenes of whatever is happening for miles around; lamas familiar with modern technology explain it as a kind of television screen that enables him to monitor the events of the outside world."

There have been reports of these World King, Allah Himself. Making Himself known to a selected group of initiates. Dr Ossendowski, a Polish Scientist who traveled throughout Central Asia, asked one of the lamas, "Has anybody seen the King of the World?" The lama replied,

"Oh yes! During the solemn holidays of the ancient Buddism in Siam and India the King of the World appeared five times. He rode in a splendid car drawn by white elephants and ornamented with gold, precious stones and the finest fabrics; he was robed in a white mantel and red tiara with strings of diamonds masking his face. He blessed the people with a golden apple with a figure of a lamb above it… He also appeared five hundred and forty years ago in Erdeni Dzu, he was in the ancient Sakkai Monastery and in the Narabanchi Kure."

In another account, Dr Ossendowski noted that one night, in a small Mongolian town called Narabanchi, he was lead into a temple by a lama who told him a very interesting story. One night in 1890, a group of horsemen arrived in Narabanchi and demanded that all Lamas enter the Temple in which sat the Throne of the World King. As the Lamas were gathered in the temple,

"one of the strangers mounted the throne, where he took off his 'bashlyk' or cap-like head covering. All of the lamas fell to their knees as they recognized the man who had been long ago described in their sacred bulls of Dali Lama, Tashi Lama, and Bogdo Khan. He was the man to whom THE WHOLE WORLD BELONGS and who has penetrated into all the mysteries of nature. He pronounced a short Tibetan prayer, blessed all his hearers and afterwards made predictions for the coming half century. This was thirty years ago and in the interim all of his prophesies are being fulfilled. During his prayers before the small shrine in the next room this door opened of its own accord, the candles and lights before the altar lighted themselves and the sacred braziers without coals gave forth great streams of incense that filled the room. And then, without warning, the King of the World and his companions disappeared from among us. Behind him remained no trace save the folds in the silken throne coverings which smoothed themselves out and left the throne as though no one had sat upon it."

The King of the World, is known to travel the globe in the humble garb of a novice and communicate in the language of the land He is in.

Tradition has it that a number of individuals have been privileged to penetrate into the Kingdom to view it and come back to tell us about it. Sakkia Mouni, Undur Gheghen, Paspa, and Khan Baber are some of the blessed ones. One lama was able to give a very detailed account of an immensely profound ritual which the World King performs in the Hidden Kingdom.

"…throughout the whole year the King of the World guides the work of the Panditas (gods) and Goros (Twelve Great Gods) of Agarthi. Only at times he goes to the temple cave where the embalmed body of his predecessor lies in a black stone coffin. This cave is always dark, but when the King of the World enters it the walls are stripped with fire and from the lid of the coffin appear tongues of flame. The eldest Goro stands before him with covered head and face and with hands folded across his chest. This Goro never removes the covering from his face, for his head is a nude skull with living eyes and a tongue that speaks. He is in communion with the souls who have gone before.

"The King of the World prays for a long time and afterwards approaches the coffin and stretches out his hand. The flames thereon burn brighter, the stripes of fire on the walls disappear and revive, interlace and form mysterious signs from the alphabet 'vatannan.' From the coffin transparent bands of scarcely noticeable light begin to flow forth. These are the thoughts of his predecessor. Soon the King of the World stands surrounded by an aureole of this light and fiery letters write and write upon the walls the wishes and orders of God (Most High). At this moment the King of the World is in contact with the thoughts (tuning in) of all the men who influence the lot and life of all humankind: with Kings, Czars, Khans, warlike leaders, High Priests, scientists, and other strong men. He realizes all their thoughts and plans. If these be pleasing before God (Most High), the King of the World will invisibly help them; if they are unpleasant in the sight of God, the King will bring them to destruction…"

"After his conversation with his predecessor the King of the World assembles the 'Great Council of God' (Twelve or Twenty Four Scientists), judges the actions and thoughts of great men, helps them or destroys them….Afterwards the King of the World enters the great temple and prays in solitude. Fire appears on the altar, gradually spreading to all altars near, and through the burning flame gradually appears the face of God (Most High). The King of the World reverently announces to God (Most High) the decisions and awards of the 'Council of God' and receives in turn the Divine orders of the Almighty. As he comes forth from the temple, the King of the World radiates with Divine Light."

Many very significant observations were made in this narrative. The World King is said to, on occasion, view the thoughts of his predecessor. (The World King who ruled before Him) whose body was embalmed. A highly placed Minister in the Nation of Islam and aid to the Honorable Minister Farrakhan once said that there are three embalmed bodies which are closely guarded secrets of the world. One is the body of Jesus which we have looked at earlier. Another is the body of the first white Jew who listened to Musa's civilizing teachings as he attempted to raise the cave dwelling Caucasians 4,000 years ago. That Jew's body was embalmed. The third body, according to this minister, is the body of the Judge who ruled the last Cycle of 25,000 years which ended in the year 13,086 B.C. This is the "predecessor" of the World King here. The King, by reading the Akasic Record or thought-forms of His Predecessor, is able to discern the Will of the Most High, the spirit of the Creator. The Great Gods are always obligated to pay homage to the Creator. Though He is no longer physically present, His Spirit and Mind permeates All. The World King or Judge is He who best manifests the Spirit and Mind of the Most High.

'A Stranger in Detroit'

In 1930, an enigmatic figure appeared in Detroit Michigan. C.Eric Lincoln, in his study of the Nation of islam called black Muslims in America, says of the "The Stranger in Detroit":

Sometime in the midsummer of 1930, an amiable but faintly mysterious peddler appeared in the black ghetto of Detroit. He was thought to be an Arab, although his racial and national identity still remains undocumented...No one knew very much about the founder of this first temple (in Detroit). Usually he referred to himself as Mr. Farrad Mohammad or Mr. F. Mohammad Ali. He was also known as PROFESSOR Ford, Mr. Wali Farrad and W.D. Fard...Inevitably, there was a proliferation of legends about so mysterious a figure. One such legend is that Fard was a black Jamaican whose father was Syrian Moslem. Another describes him as a Palestinian Arab who had participated in various racial agitation’s in India, South Africa, and London before moving on to Detroit. Some of his followers believed him to be the son of wealthy parents of the tribe of Koreish-the tribe of Mohammed, founder of classical Islam. Others say that he was on a diplomatic career in the service of the kingdom of Hejaz, but that he sacrificed his personal future 'to bring freedom, justice, and equality' to the 'black men in the wilderness of North America, surrounded and robbed completely by the Cave Man...At the other extreme, a Chicago newspaper investigating the Black Muslim Movement refers to Fard as 'a Turkish-born Nazi agent [who] worked for Hitler in World War II."

E.D. Beynon in his 1938 article on Fard stated:

"Although (Fard) lived in Detroit from July 4th, 1930, until June 30th, 1934, virtually nothing is known about him save that he ‘came from the East,’...His very name is uncertain...One of the few survivors (Sister Carrie Muhammad) who heard his first addresses states that he himself said: ’My name is W.D. Fard and I came from the Holy City of Mecca. More about myself I will not tell you yet, for the time has not yet come. I am your brother. You have not yet seen me in my royal robes."
Of the 25,000 Blacks who reputedly followed Fard, none knew exactly "who He was." None, except one.

When Elijah Muhammad first heard Him speak on September 22, 1931, he instantly recognized his true identity.

When the lecture was over Elijah got in line with others to shake this man's hand.When his turn came, he told this Man, "You are the One whom the Bible's prophets foresaw coming: The Son of Man."

Jabril Muhammad says in his book, This is the one,

"Almost simultaneously Mr. Fard Muhammad looked around to see who else had heard that, and then at Elijah sternly. His smile followed the look. He bent His head close to him, to put His hand on his shoulder, and the other on his forehead. Pressing His mouth against Elijah's ear, He whispered: 'Yes, I am the One. But who else knows but yourself?"

He told Elijah that he should tell nobody about His true identity, that He was God in Person.

God in Person

Around the year 13,086 B.C. (over 15,000 years ago), the Gods convened at the Holy City Mecca. A new Judge was chosen whose wisdom-rule was to last 25,000 years until the year A.D. 11,914 (about 10,000 years from now). That convention in 13,086 B.C. ushered in a new Cycle of History - the Year 1. The Mother Book was written and the history of the world up until the year A.D. 11,914 was decreed. Prophesies concerning the birth and Work of YaKub, the Great Deluge, and the birth of the Son of Man were all contained in the Umm al-Kitab.

Around A.D. 1870, the Council of The Gods met again at the Holy City Mecca to confer over seeking, finding and returning the people that the Bible refers to as the Lost Sheep and Lost Tribe of Israel. It was this people that was to be the cornerstone of God's New World. "The stone that the builders rejected, that same has become the headstone of the corner. (I peter 2:7)" The scientists knew that it was time for the people to be found and redeemed, but the scriptures didn't give the location except in symbolic terms. Thus God says in Ezekial 34:11-12,

"Behold, I, even I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out. As a sheperd seeketh out his flock in the day that is among his sheep that are scattered; so I will seek out my sheep, and will deliver them…"

In 1874, the Gods located the Lost Sheep here in America. They then began preparing that One that would be sent to retrieve us. Also, the Scientist known as St. Germain prophesied that after he left, it would be 85 years before he returned to white people. He was last seen in 1788-89. 85 years after 1788 is 1874, the year the scientists began preparation on the God that would be sent to America.

One of the Gods on the Council (possibly the Judge Himself) was Fard's father who has come to be known as Alphonso Allah. It has been rumored that he was a Moor. The validity of this I don't know, but by His name it seems likely. After the Council determined that the lost Sheep were in fact the so-called Negroes in the hells of north America, lost among white people, the other 11 Imams (scientists) reneged. The Council was supposed to send One to go and get the Lost Sheep, but the rest of the Council didn't agree with Alphonso that the people could be redeemed. They believed that we were so far gone, they would only get a few. That small few would not be worth the trouble. In fact, of the 17 million so-called Negroes that were in America at that time, the book of Revelations said only 144,000 would be redeemed. But Alphonso differed with the other Imam's (Scientists).

Alphonso Allah was a pure, jet Black Man from Teman, Arabia. He would have come Himself but He knew He would be coming into a solid white country. The authorities would have given him too many problems for, at that time, America didn't allow foreign Black Men to come into the country freely without having official business with the government. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says,

"He (Master Fard Muhammad) said His father knew he would not be successful in coming to a solid white country, and he being a solid Black man. So, He taught me that His father said, "I will go and make me a Son. And I will send my Som among them, looking like them. 'Think over that! 'My Son, they will think He is one of them, and He will find our lost people."

The Bible says God would come "without observation" as a thief in the night." Therefore being a jet Balck Man, He would not be able to come to a solid white country "undetected." That One had to have a certain complexion to be able to move in certain circles in America. "without observation." He had to have a certain body prepared for Him to come in. thus, God says in the Book of Hebrews 10:5

"Wherefore when He cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not, BUT A BODY HAST THOU PREPARED ME."

Fard's mother was a Caucasian woman from the mountains of Asia. This woman is supposed to have been raised since the age of six under the Islamic Sharia or Law in Mecca, Arabia. Her family was said to have been Muslim. She was taken through a "purification" process so that she could bare this child. This is the woman that the Bible says had the "seven devils" cast out of he. Her name was reportedly Baby Gee. She was specially prepared to give birth to this Special Son.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad says that "baby Gee" is the woman referred to in the Book of Revelations (12:1):

"And I saw a great wonder in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet and upon her head a crown of twelve stars."

This lady was a wonder in heaven (Mecca) because she wasn't from heaven yet she gave birth to a child of heaven to be sent out of heaven.

"The woman that's seen sitting in the sun, in the light of truth and in the midst of the righteous, is a wonder to see sitting, because she is not of that particular family. But what happened? The God cleaned her up. He striped her of the devil and made her fit to give birth to a child, a child he intended to use to go after his people and to redeem that people from her people."

The Honorable Louis Farrakhan has said that the twelve stars upon her head could mean that the Twelve Major Scientists had approved this woman. Mr Muhammad says:

"And she was made a perfect, Holy and Righteous woman, though not by nature; yet, was made righteous."

I often hear gods (Five Percenters) disrespect the mother of Master Fard Muhammad because she was white. They say she is "Devil" just like the rest. THIS IS AN EMPHATIC NOW CIPHER (NO). Master Fard Muhammad's mother is not to be disrespected or referred to as devil. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad explicitly states that, though her nature was devil, SHE WAS MADE A PERFECT< HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS WOMAN!

The child was born on February 26, 1877 in the Holy City Mecca. He had the appearance of a white man, even thou he was Black. It has been stated by the enemies of Islam, that, because His mother was white, He could not be a God. This is very erroneous. If an apple seed is planted in the soil somewhere in Africa, it will germinate as an apple tree. If that apple seed is planted in the soil somewhere in Asia, it will germinate as an apple tree. Also if that apple seed is planted in soil somewhere in Europe, it will germinate as an apple tree. Fard was the seed of his Father. His mother was like the soil. And once the soil was cleaned from its impediments, the seed was able to germinate as God. He is the Son of Man (His Father) not the Son of Woman (His Mother). This also fulfilled the prophesy that God would come "in sinful flesh, to condemn sin in flesh (Romans 8:3)."

Also, all of the Scientists that were into the white world to do a job, were of this same complexion, The Professor, The Swayer of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence, and St. Germain all had to look like white people in order to be able to move among them without being detected. Master Fard Muhammad came in that same line of the Divine.

He is actually the child that is referred to in the Book of Isaiah 9:6,

"For unto us a child id born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the mighty God, The Everlasting father, the Prince of Peace. Of the increase of his government of peace there shall be no end…"

This is a man-child born of a woman, but H e is the Mighty God. This is certainly not referring to Jesus of 2,000 years ago. There has been more violence and blood shed in the world (in his name) than before he came into it.

As he grew up, He sat in the Circle of the Scientists for 16 years and was taught the collective knowledge of the Twelve Major Scientists. They individually imparted Their knowledge to Him, even though they did not know each other's Wisdom. Collectively They held 360 degrees of Knowledge. Fard broke the circle and was the first to have the collective knowledge of all 12. He also studied in the library vaults in Mecca. His father would take him around to the Kings and pay large sums of money for rare, ancient books of Wisdom. Remember also, after Emperor Justinian closed down the Mystery School in Kemet (Egypt) in the 6th Century, George james teaches us that the priests fled through out the world and secretly developed those teachings which taught Man how to be God. One of the places they went to and developed those teachings was Mecca. Fard actually traveled the world over and studied "every educational system of the civilized world." He staudied a total of 42 years for his mission. Remember also that in the Mystery System of Egypt, after on studied for 42 years he reached his Sunnum Bounum which meant his Godhood.

In preparation for his mission, He calculated the measurements of the universe. Muhammad says,

"He stood still and measured the earth, the waters, mountains, hills, deserts, rivers, and weighed them by ounces and pounds and gallons. Even the old earth itself, and did not over look the atmosphere in which our planet rotates in. He measured the air by inches, feet and miles, and weighed the whole contents (11 2/3 quintillion pounds). He also counted the atoms and cracked them into pieces, and told the amount man breathes in from a cubic inch, foot, yard. He did not leave us foolish concerning the great magnificent starry canopy. He counted and measured the distance between the eight inhabitable planets, taught us their days, years, the square mileage of all, another great wonder. He told us how we come to have a moon, by whom…..The fiery sun was conquered by his measuring line, and her great mass unfold. YES! His eyes pierce throughout the vast open space and his measuring rod recorded the diameter of the whole (76,000,000,000,000,000,000, 76 quintillion miles)"

After he reached maturity, He became The Judge, and all of the other scientists bowed down to Him. This is the One found in the Book of Revelations 4:10 sitting on a throne with the 24 elders seated around him giving Him praise and worship. He is reputed to be greater than any God that ever went before Him. None of the Judges before His time are equal to Him in Wisdom. All of the others had wisdom that only covered a 25,000 year cycle. But this God's Wisdom is written in scripture to last forever because He was born as a Seed of Yearning to fulfill the Creator's desire for perfection.

He left Arabia and came to America in 1910. It is written in the Book of Matthew 24:27,

"For as lightning cometh from the east, and shineth even unto the west;, so shall also the coming of the Son of Man be."

The Son of Man was prophesied to come out of the East into the West. Where from the East? The Book of Habakkuk 3:3 said "God came from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran." Both Teman and Mt Paran are in Arabia. Allah, Master Fard Muhammad, came out of the East, Arabia, and into the West, America.

Many people-Jews, Christians, and Muslims, Black and White, have a problem grasping that God would visit America, much less Black America. But in fact, the whole world is waiting on the coming of God. Some are expecting Him to come under a title such as Messiah, Christ or Mahdi. George Pidoux, in his treatment of the coming of God in the Old Testament, commences with the observation,

"The faith of the Old Testament rests on two certainties, equally profound and indissolubly bound together. The first is that God has come in the past, and that he has intervened in favor of his people. The other…is the hope that God will come anew in the future."

Murray, in his Jesus And The Kingdom of God, says,

"The decisive element in the theophany descriptions of the Old testament, accordingly, is the concept of the coming of God; the descriptions of the accompanying phenomena in the natural order are to be viewed as parabolic….but the supremely important matter is that God 'comes' into the world….in the future."

So too does the New Testament prophesy of the eminent coming of God; In II Thessalonians 2:9 it prophesies,

"And then shall the wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of HIS COMING: Even him, WHOSE COMING IS AFTER THE WORKINGS OF SATAN with all power and signs and lying wonder…."

Why does God come into the World? Murray says,

"More important than the place from which the Lord comes is the 'purpose' for which he comes. The passages we have considered provide the answer: y\the Lord comes for the punishment of the wicked and the deliverance of his people."

Habakkuk 3:13 says of their Lord,

"Thou goest forth to save thou people, thou cometh to save thy anointed."

It is written in Revelation that God will himself dwell among a particular people. It says,

"And I heard a greater voice out of heaven saying; 'Behold, the tabernacle of God is with men, AND HE WILL DWELL WITH THEM, AND THEY SHALL BE HIS PEOPLE, AND GOD HIMSELF SHALL BE WITH THEM, AND BE THEIR GOD (21:3)"

Who is this people whom God has chosen to dwell among? For years, it was though to be the Jews. But such is not the case. God made a covenant with the seed of Abraham (who was a Black Man) in Genesis 15:13-15

"Know of a surety that thy seed would be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them: and they shall afflict them FOUR HUNDRED YEARS; And that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance."

This covenant was never fulfilled by any white Jews in bondage in Egypt 4,000 years ago. The Jews themselves told Jesus that they were never in bondage to any man (John 8:33). Scholars such as H.G. Wells, T.W. Doan, Yosef ben Yochannan, and others have proven that story of the Children of Israel in bondage in Egypt for 400 years never happened 4,000 years ago. That was a prophesy that was to be fulfilled near the end of our time.

Who fulfills that prophesy of being in bondage in a foreign land for 400 years? Only the Black man and Woman who were brought from Africa (in the East) to America (in the West). In Isaiah 43:5 God says of this people.


We were brought out of the East into the Western Hemisphere in 1555 on a slave ship named Jesus. We have been here now over 430 years in this strange land, among strange people, and have been afflicted for that time. I Peter 2:9-10 says of us,

"But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, A peculiar people: that ye shall shew forth the praises of him who have called you OUT OF DARKNESS INTO THE MARVELOUS LIGHT: Which in time past WERE NOT A PEOPLE, BUT ARE NOW A PEOPLE OF GOD: Which had not obtained mercy, but now obtained mercy."

No one can deny that this is speaking of the so-called Negroes in America. No one was in more darkness than us. They say if you want to hide it from a black person, put it in a book. We are an ignorant people. The savage condition of our community bears witness to our benightenment. We are a "Peculiar People" made that way by the "Peculiar Institution" of slavery. There is not a people on earth liken to us. Before the coming of master Fard Muhammad, The Great Judge of this Day, we were no people at all. Our only identity was that of slaves and freed slaves. But now we are the People of God. Thus, God came to us, for our deliverance, and the Judgment and Destruction of America, that Mystery Babylon.

The coming of God in the Last Days was prophesied by the world over under different titles. In the apocalyptic writings of Enoch which probably date to the first century, and written in Ethiopic, we find the coming of God mentioned also under the title of Son of Man and Holy One. The opening oracle reads,

"The Holy Great One will come forth from his dwelling, And the Eternal God will tread upon the earth….And appear in the strength of his might from the heaven of heavens."


"For the Heavenly One will arise from his royal throne, And he will go forth from his holy habitation with indignation and wrath ON ACCOUNT OF HIS SONS."

Murray notes,

"Here the coming of God is motivated 'on account of his sons' -that is, BY REASON OF THE SUFFERING THEY ENDURED AT THE HANDS OF THEIR OPPRESSORS."

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught that Master Fard Muhammad, The Great God, left his throne and holy robes back in Arabia so that he could come to America and redeem His people, destroying our enemies in the process.

Jesus prophesied of the Coming of Master Fard Muhammad. He says in John 14,

"If ye love me keep my commandments, And I will pray the father, and he shall send you ANOTHER COMFORTER< THAT HE MAY ABIDE WITH YOU FOR EVER; …But the Comforter, which is the Holy Ghost, whom the father will send, IN MY NAME, He SHALL TEACH YOU ALL THINGS, AND BRING ALL THINGS TO YOUR REMEMBERANCE…"

This comforter whom the Father will send is other than Jesus. Jesus is not here talking about himself coming back. He just said the Comforter would come "in his name." And when He comes, He would reveal "ALL things." Some Muslims wasn’t to say this is reference to Prophet Muhammad of Arabia. If he was the One to teach all things, he would not have prophesied the coming of one after and greater than himself called Mahdi. He said Mahdi will come and fill the earth with justice and equality. Jabril Muhammad says,

"The Mahdi is expected to be a human being in every respect; except that He is expected to be very exceptional. He would have to be in order to rid the earth of evil and to establish righteousness-forever-as he is expected to do."

The root of the name Mahdi is AHD, which means "One God." The M is the Divine prefix. Thus, the coming of the Mahdi is the coming of God. The Muslim world is up in arms over the assertion that God Himself came in the Person, but The Holy Quran makes two references to the eminent Coming of Allah. In the Surah "The DAYBREAK" it says,


The chapter is about the End Days. Thus, at the End Days, we are to expect the Coming of God. Also, in 21:44 it is written,

"See they not then that We are VISITING THE LAND…?"

Allah is a part of that "WE" that will be visiting the lands. Thus, we should expect Allah and His Angels to come in the Last Days and visit the land. He came and has visited the land.

The Ancient Egyptians prophesied the coming of the Great Iu-em-hept. He was to reveal all the secrets of the history and future of the world and establish the Universal Kingdom of Peace on earth. The ancient prophesy said that He would make Himself known "in the West." The Chinese prophesied that their God Tien would make himself known in the Last Day in the person of the Holy One. They are waiting for the Holy One to appear "in the West." The Native Americans of mexico are waiting for the God Savior Quetzacoatel to come here to the West "FROM THE EAST." The Hindus believe that in the Last Days, "when the fixed stars have all… returned to the point from which they started," their God Vishnu will "appear among mortals, IN THE FORM OF AN ARMED WARRIOR, riding a whie horse." In the Latter Days, the God Budda "will come again."

Thus, the whole world is expecting a certain God-Man to come among men in the Last Days as a warrior to destroy the wicked and establish the Kingdom of God. These are not all different personages. They are all the same Man just described by different titles or names. But they all agree He will come from the East and make Himself known in the West. That One came, by Himself, in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad (To whom all holy praises are due forever). He is the Head Judge, the king of the World, for this day and every day from this point onward, for He is the greatest of the Gods who ever lived. It is He who says, "behold, I will make all things new." He makes a "new heaven and a new earth," because the one the originator created was imperfect. He is the One to establish that Perfect Kingdom of Peace, for He is the first Perfect Human being. The Book of Daniel says,

"I saw in the night visions, and behold, with, the clouds of heaven there came one like a son of man, and he came to the Ancient of Days and was presented before him, and to him was given dominion and glory and kingdom, that all peoples, nations and languages should serve him; his dominion is an everlasting dominion which shall not pass away, and his kingdom one that shall not be destroyed." (7:13-14)

The Ancient of Days represents Allah The Original Man, who is God, the Ancient of Days, The originator of the heavens and Earth. The Son of Man is Master Fard Muhammad who is the New Ruler. His Kingdom will laste forever. Borsch, in Son of Man in Myth and History , says,

"The scene portrays the YOUNG GOD TAKING PLACE OF THE OLD."

In the book of Enoch also we find:

"And there I saw One who had a head of days, and His head was white like wool, and with Him another being whose countenance had the appearance of a man, and his face was full of graciousness, like the one of the holy angels… This is that Son of Man who hath righteousness… And whose lot hath THE PRE-EMINENCE BEFORE THE LORD OF SPIRITS IN UPRIGHTNESS FOR EVER. And this Son of Man whom thou hath seen Shall put down… the kings and the mighty from their seats."

Borsch says of this Son of Man,

"He is also a JUDGE WHO SITS ON A THRONE, and the throne is identified as THE VERY THRONE OF GOD HIMSELF. This idea is hard to account for unless…. we reach back to the ancient conception of THE YOUNG GOD COMING TO THE THRONE OF THE OLD GOD."

The "young God" indeed has sat Himself in the throne of the "old God." Master Fard Muhammad is the Young God who now sits in the throne of the Creator Himself. He has come to "pre-eminence before the Lord of Spirits" forever. His Kingdom will last FOREVER. He will "put down" all the kings and the mighty from their seats. Master Fard Muhammad has come to topple all of the governments of the world. This Is The One that the world has been expecting for the last 2,000 years. And He came.

The Early History of Fard

When Master Fard Muhammad first came to America in 1910, He was undetected. He did not make Himself known. In fact, according to legend, He studied, then taught, at the University of California-Berkley in California. Sister Carrie Muhammad, one of His early followers, claimed Fard was a graduate of UCLA. While there He stayed with a white family. His name was then Wallace Fard. Wallace meant "Stranger." He went back to Arabia some time between 1910 and 1930 and changed His name from Wallace to Wali, which means "Friend." Fard means "Obligatory" and also "Bright and Morning Star." The Christ says in the Book of Revelation,

" I am the root and offspring of David, and the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR." (22:16)

He finally began teaching on July 4, 1930, in a ghetto in Detroit named Paradise Valley. He posed as a silk-peddler and went door to door. If He was a jet Black man He would have had no success. Black people then (and now) were so filled with self-hatred, we would not have listened to a jet Black man coming to our door. Even though Marcus Garvey had a very large following, one of the main criticisms hurled against him was that he was "Black and Ugly". DuBois is reported to have called him a "Black bulldog." So when Master Fard Muhammad went door to door in the ghetto of Detroit, He was accepted because He was acceptable to look at to the brainwashed Negroes of America. Like many Judges before Him, He made himself of little reputation. He allowed himself to be thought of as "Prophet Fard" when in fact He was Allah, the Judge. The Axis in Islam is known to travel in the garb of a novice. While he didn’t disclose his identity to the so-called Negroes who were blind, deaf and dumb-therefore unable to appreciate his true identity-He did disclose Himself to certain whites who, through their Masonic learning, knew the reality of God. Brother Yusef Muhammad, one of the early followers of Fard, said:

"When the police asked him who he was, he said: ‘I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe.’ He told those police more about himself than he would ever tell us."
One time in a courtroom in Detroit, a judge asked Him, "Who are you?" He answered, "I am the Supreme Ruler of the Universe."

The judge was a Mason so he instantly understood. He asked Fard what He thought He was doing influencing the minds of those Negroes the way He had. Fard explained that His job was to resurrect the so-called Negro. The judge laughed and said, "Why that's like putting pants on an elephant!"

Fard responded, "I already have one pant's leg on..."

The FBI, Countelpro, and Fard

Master Fard Muhammad first came to the attention of J. Edgar Hoover in September of 1931. As director of the Justice Department’s Bureau of Investigation (BOI, precursor to the FBI), Hoover was asked by President Herbert Hoover to investigate the Chicago branch of the Moorish Science Temple of America (MSTA). The Grand Sheik in Chicago had sent the President a letter requesting he address the annual gathering of the MSTA. Since the President had not heard of the group, he had his man in the BOI investigate.

In the course of this investigation, J. Edgar learned that there was a similar, yet more "disturbing," group based in Detroit called the "Holy Temple of Islam." Hoover paid little attention to the group and terminated the investigation shortly there after. But during the Thanksgiving holidays of 1932, Hoover reopened it’s investigation of the "Allah Temple of Islam."

It was a quiet storm in Detroit until November, 1932. One of Master Fard Muhammad’s followers, Robert Karriem, ritualistically murdered his roommate, James Smith. Karriem, a mentally deranged native, "sacrificed" his roommate with a dagger and an automobile axle. On November 23, 1932, Fard was arrested for investigation. According to the Detroit Free Press, the police grabbed Him as He was leaving His room in a hotel at 1 West Jefferson Avenue. It states:

"He did not resist the officers, smiling enigmatically when told he was under arrest. At police headquarters he evaded questions cleverly. With the complacent smile of an oriental fakir, Farad calmly told detectives that he was the ‘supreme being on Earth.’..."
Fard stated that Karriem had "apparently misunderstood my teachings."

"Although the precepts of the worship command the death penalty for persons who ‘disturb the peace in our temples,’ he said, human sacrifices were not tolerated."
Fard and His chief minister were held at the Psychotic Ward of the Receiving Hospital. The reports said Fard was "suffering from delusions that he is a divinity."

The day after, Ali’s wife Lillie led 500 of Fard’s followers in a march on police headquarters.

On December 6, detectives Oscar Berry and Charles Snyder escorted Fard to the train station, placed Him on a train heading for Chicago, and ordered Him to never return.

On May 25, 1933, Fard was arrested again at Detroit’s Hotel Traymore and held "pending an investigation into his activities since his reappearance" in Detroit. The Detroit Evening Times reported that, before returning to Detroit, Fard had organized 20,000 worshipers in Chicago. He was released and again ordered out of the city. He traveled back to Chicago where He was immediately arrested. He was arrested again on September 26, 1933 in Chicago, without disposition, photo, or fingerprints.

Master Fard Muhammad remained in Detroit for 3 1/2 years. Though He had power over the devil, He allowed the devil to arrest Him to show Elijah what he would have to suffer in order to resurrect the so-called Negro. In 1934, He "mysteriously" disappeared, never to be heard from again (by the public). Lincoln notes that, "Fard vanished as mysteriously as he had arrived. Even the police seem to have been baffled."

FBI Launches Search For Fard

In 1939, the NOI became the subject of FBI counterintelligence again. Hoover linked the Muslims with the Japanese Black Dragon Society led by seventy-year-old Satahota Takahashi. The group was thought to be a fifth column of Japan who was to eventually engage America in World War II. In 1940, after word got back that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad urged his followers to oppose the war, Hoover initiated a covert operation against the movement. He placed in charge of the operation Assistant FBI Director Percy J. Foxworth. In March of 1942, the Alien Enemy Hearing Board recommended the custodial detention of Takahashi. Shortly thereafter, President Roosevelt issued an Executive Order to have the Honorable Elijah Muhammad locked up and taken off the streets. On May 8th, the FBI arrested the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in Washington, DC.

The FBI then launched a man-hunt for his teacher, Fard Muhammad. The man-hunt in 1942 turned up nothing. Price-A-Cuba, a researcher on the Nation of Islam , says,

"The FBI, which initiated an investigation of Fard in 1942 that was to last more than thirty years, could not substantiate or verify his name at birth, birth date, place of birth, port of entry, exist, or present whereabouts, despite exhaustive inquiries. There are even indications that bodies were exhumed in the search for Fard."

In 1956, the FBI became alarmed at the NOI’s growing "appeal to middle-classed blacks and the skyrocketing development of new temples," which resulted partly from the activities of a new recruit, Malcolm X. Hoover requested permission from the Justice Department for "increased technical surveillance." On New Years Day, 1957, U.S. Attorney General Herbert Brownell granted his request.

In late 1957, after receiving reports of the continuous "explosion in the Nation of Islam membership," the FBI's Chicago field office requested that Hoover renew the investigation on Fard. In an October 3, 1957 memo, they stated, "For the information of the Honolulu, Portland, and Washington Field Offices [and] as a result of a recent inspection of the Chicago office, it was suggested that a concerted effort be made to determine the whereabouts of W.D. Fard, reportedly the founder of the Nation of Islam [NOI]."
The FBI had no leads in their search for W.D. Fard. They instead conducted a search under His various aliases. During a search with the records of Immigration and Naturalization Services (I.N.S.) under the alias Wallace Ford, the name of an immigrant from New Zealand came up. This Wallace Ford was an actor in California. The FBI put feelers out trying to find Wallace Ford. On January 18, 1958, the FBI’s Los Angeles field office interviewed a woman by the name of Hazel Ford. She was the common law wife of Wallace Ford in the 1920’s. In 1926, this man and an acquaintance by the name of Ed Donaldson were arrested for conspiring to sell a pint of bootleg to an undercover cop. After paying a forty-dollar fine, Ford was arrested again for selling heroin. He was convicted and sentenced to prison at San Quentin.

Wallace Ford was not Master Fard Muhammad nor was he the "white man" the FBI would later make him out to be. Hazel described him as a "VERY DARK COMPLECTED MEXICAN." His mother, Beatrice Ford, was a Maori, a member of the very dark-skinned tribe of Polynesian origin. After finding this out, THE FBI NOTIFIED HOOVER IT HAD EXAUSTED ALL RESOURCES AND WAS ABANDONING IT’S EFFORTS TO FIND FARD. The Wallace Ford lead turned out to be a wild goose chase and the FBI forgot all about him. In 1962, they will "metamorphous" him into a white man and use his early history as part of a misinformation campaign against the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

FBI Fabricates History of Fard

After the infamous documentary called The Hate That Hate Produced aired in 1959, the ranks of the NOI swelled with new recruits. Three weeks after the June 13th broadcast, the Los Angeles mosque gained 500 new members. As a result, the FBI initiated it’s "second major counterintelligence offensive aimed at destroying the Nation of Islam." They decided to discredit the movement by publishing fabricated biographies of it’s founder, Master Fard Muhammad. The FBI fabricated a fallacious biography which stated Fard was a Turkish born nazi agent for Hitler during World War II. They reported that Fard and Elijah Muhammad had concocted the idea of the Nation of Islam while they both were in prison together in Milan, Michigan in 1943. The FBI sent this slander to it’s "friends in the media." One of those friends was the New Crusader newspaper of Chicago.

On August 15, 1959, Mohd Yakub Khan published the slander under the title "White Man Is God For Cult of Islam." Karl Evanzz, in his Judas Factor, says Khan

"had gotten his information from a selection of the FBI's file on Wallace Fard, which it released in response to the surge in the NOI membership that had followed the television broadcast 'The Hate That Hate Produced."
This first attempt at misinformation was very sloppy and backfired. The article was "riddled with demonstrable errors and obvious contradictions." For example, this Nazi from Turkey supposedly met Elijah Muhammad while they were allegedly in prison together in 1943. However, in another paragraph, the two are said to have met in 1934. Such sloppiness allowed the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X to successfully discredit the "white Nazi from Turkey" story with articles of their own in Muhammad Speaks and The Los Angeles Herald Dispatch.

In September, 1962, The House Un-American Activities Committee held hearings on the Nation of Islam. Congressman Francis Walter, the chairman, asked Hoover for his files on the Nation. Hoover sent the fabricated biography along with the "Wallace Ford" file. Walter and Congressman L. Mendel Rivers agreed to use the story to "disrupt and curb the growth of the NOI." The Chicago FBI admitted the spuriousness of these bio’s in a letterhead memorandum to headquarters that was routed to the L.A. field office. It acknowledged their failure in identifying the whereabouts and background of W.D. Fard. It stated that "all investigative leads had been exhausted." The Director ordered that "creative and imaginative methods" be employed. Chicago, L.A., and San Francisco began a "misinformation" campaign approved by headquarters. The project was overseen by Catha D. DeLoach and William Sullivan (Assistant Director).

The "creative and imaginative methods" used by the FBI consisted of merging the "White Nazi from Turkey" slander with the "Wallace Ford" history. Wallace Ford was not white nor was he light complected. But when he "reemerges" through the auspices of the FBI’s disinformation campaign, this "very dark-complected Mexican" will become a "white Caucasian" like the Nazi from Turkey.

On February 19, 1963, a week before the NOI's Annual Saviors Day which commemorates Fard's birth, Hoover learned through informants that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's health was bad and he would not address the convention. He sent a memo to the Chicago field office stating "now [is] the ti

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On February 19, 1963, a week before the NOI's Annual Saviors Day which commemorates Fard's birth, Hoover learned through informants that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad's health was bad and he would not address the convention. He sent a memo to the Chicago field office stating "now [is] the time to use the dossier on Fard to neutralize the NOI." He said that if he leaked it to his "friends in the media,"

"the impact on Elijah Muhammad and his followers would be tremendous and could well serve to make Muhammad look ridiculous."

The FBI sent the dossier to several large newspapers on July 4, 1963. On July 28, 1963 Ed Montgomery of the Los Angeles Evening Herald-Examiner printed the story under the title "Black Muslim Founder Exposed As White." It contained a picture which was supposed to be a mug shot of Master Fard Muhammad taken in 1933 by the Detroit Police Department. This was in fact the first flaw in the FBI’s disinformation efforts. The picture, in the newspaper, is not a mug-shot.The customary police serial numbers are conspicuously absent. Who that man is and where it came from no one knows. Two things are for certain, however: (1) It is not an actual mug-shot taken by the DPD as claimed; (2) It is not W.D. Fard, the teacher of Elijah Muhammad.

The FBI got even sloppier. The article also shows a birth certificate for the son of Wallace and Hazel Ford (or Hazel Barton, her maiden name). On the alleged certificate, the race of both parents is listed as "White." We know the certificate is doctored because HAZEL’S WALLACE FORD WAS NOT WHITE, HE WAS A VERY DARK-COMPLECTED MAN WHOSE MOTHER WAS A DARK MAORI WOMAN.

What the FBI obviously did was take the history of Wallace Ford and give him the racial identity of the Nazi from Turkey.

The FBI also released a 1926 San Quentin mug-shot. Prince -A-Cuba argues that this picture was doctored from the 1933 fake. He says,

"hair was removed for the ‘convict look,’ and the photo underexposed to add shadows to conceal the work done on (the) photo, as well as to make it appear different from the original 1933 photo."

On July 30, Hoover received a memo stating that the fabricated story had the desired effect on Muhammad. According to the memo, Muhammad was "quite riled up about the story." Mr. Muhammad made a public response to the slander stating:

"I, Elijah Muhammad, Messenger of Allah, told the Lost Angeles Herald Examiner's office on Monday, July 29, 1963, that my followers and I will pay the Los Angeles Herald Examiner newspaper $100, prove the headline charge ('Black Muslim Founder Exposed As White') made against us: we are following one Wallace Dodd with many aliases including the name, Fard; that he is the man that I am representing to my people as Master Fard Muhammad (Allah in Person) who appeared among us in Detroit, Michigan in 1931 and is the same person (Wallace Dodd).
The paper was never able to prove it, nor was any other newspaper who printed the fallacious story. The FBI spread two different fabricated biographies of Fard Muhammad to make Mr. Elijah Muhammad "look ridiculous" and curb the growth of the Nation of Islam. The enemies of the Nation of Islam like to quote this FBI propaganda, like Dr. York of the Nubian Hebrews. But the stories are just that-FBI propaganda.

The New World King

Fard Muhammad, the Great Mahdi, is believed to be the new WorldKing, the Brhytma of Central Asian traditions. The Twelve Princes of Shamballah and the Twelve Goros of Agharti are identified with the Twelve Major Scientists over which Fard Muhammad sits as Judge and King. According to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, He is the first God in 66 trillion years to come out of hiding and make His person known publicly. In the beginning all people had access to God directly. Since the time of the Seperation of the Moon, however, only the initiated few could establish physical contact with the Divine. This is why the Holy Tabernacle was built.

Yahweh would sit in the Holy of Holies and only the Prophet or High Priest could seek His audience. The people could not. This has been going on now for 66 trillion years. There would be times when God would appear among a select group, but He would be masked and His personal identity would remain hidden.

Fard Muhammad was the first to break this tradition. The New World King has come out of hiding.

"But in the days of the voice of the Seventh Angel, when he begins to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as He hath declared to his servants the prophets." (Revelation10:7)

Why has God come out of hiding? According to the prophesies, to deliver His people and destroy the world of wickedness.
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