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Postby GodSon » Mon Oct 20, 2003 5:47 pm
ImageElijah Mohammed ... led the Nation of Islam from 1935 to 1975, but also prophesied that in the last days a wise man would come from the East and teach them, and in the last days would work for a universal government. Minister Farrakhan said that he understands now that this wise man from the East that Elijah Mohammed prophesied is in fact Rev. Moon. He told me personally that even as he considers Elijah Mohammed to be his teacher, that he also feels that Rev. Moon is his teacher. On Oct. 23rd, a week after the March, Minister Farrakhan held a press conference in Chicago. At that time he made very clear that without the help of Rev. and Mrs. Moon this event would have been very difficult to organize. He explained, item by item, exactly how much our organization and Rev. Moon had helped him. He talked about one million holy candies, about the program, the stage design, providing 50,000 Family Federation flags and 50,000 Million Family March flags, about the choir, about the international guests. He also said very forthrightly that the blessing was Rev. Moon's idea. So he explained these things in detail to the press at that time (2)


He who gives you the diameter of your knowledge,
determines the circumference of your activity.
- Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan

Postby ShakeNBake » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:07 pm
Guess Black Americans aren't the only ethnic group that can be suckered in the Name of God.

Whenever I being up this moron's name to my Korean friends they just roll their eyes. He's as much an embarrassment to them, as Farrakhan is to us.

Can't wait to see their first business venture "Louie and Moonie's House of Soul Kim-Chee" ....

Postby Nasim » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:19 pm
I like Rev. Moon. :D

One day, an Asian woman sold me a picture of what used to be the World trade center.

She then said something about my appearance...and my spirit, I believe or she asked about my religion.

Either way, I told her that I am a student of Min. Farrakhan...and her face just lit up.

She was so happy! She told me that she was a follower of Rev. Moon and that she loved the Nation of Islam.

She was one of the nicest and most courteous people...I have ever met.

Rev. Moon's Church believes that there is another realm (called The Spirit World) that is just as real as the realm that we presently live in.

In fact, one of the Sisters of the Church was able to "tune in" to that Realm using what Elijah Muhammad called "the radio in the head"....
and this Sister was able to receive clear messages of guidance from several of the past presidents of the United States of America.

The Messages from these former US presidents were then published in Rev. Moon's newspaper here in America.

Food for thought.

Peace... :idea:

Postby ShakeNBake » Mon Oct 20, 2003 6:42 pm
Sorry, but I'm not impressed. A mass murderer can be courteous, and many have been. Good manners are not necessarily an assurance that evil is not far behind.

What really kills me is how all these Farrakhanites who are so on Moon's jock seemed to forget all the things that Moon put out over decades about Blacks being the most inferior race, etc.

You have to wonder if Farrakhan REALLY is some kind of agent, whose purpose is test Blacks just how much foolishness they will accept in the name of "wisdom" and just how far you can go with it.

In the last 20 years, we've seen Farrakhan ally himself with members of the Aryan Nation, Moonies, the Spotlight Newspaper (of Oklahoma bombing fame), Lyndon Larouche, and many crazy "health experts" who see the Nation of Islam as an open market to peddle their foolishness, as long as they whip enough extremist, anti-government conspiracies and phantasms to convince ignorant Blacks in the NOI and fellow travelers that some new philosophy or concoction is a "new age alternative".

And look at the sort of Asians who follow Moon. Not the type of Asian-American scientists, lawyers, doctors, and engineers who attend America's most prestigious universities and colleges, but ignorant immigrants who came to America bringing peasant culture with them, having it converted into foolishness by Moon, and given the same kind Do-As-I-Say-'Cause-I'm-Next-To-God self-negating fascism that Louie doles out.

Moon is a cult leader. That he has been able to buy respectability, especially among the Republican Christian white right, through his ownership of the Washington Times means nothing. Hitler bought respectability by foisting the Volkswagen on a consuming mass that still buys his cars long after his Reich has fallen.

And as for "radio in the head", I'll believe it when I see it. That reminds of when I used to work the door post at the newspaper. Us young brothers on security were supposed to answer the phone after hours and I remember a so-called psychic calling and asking me what the ad rates for the Final Call were. I wanted to say SO BADLY, "If you're a goddamned psychic, why don't YOU tell ME what the rates are!!!!????"

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad may have mentioned "head radio" but MUI taught MATH, SCIENCE, and ENGINEERING, not palm reading, crystal ball gazing, and how to divine the future from Nineteen Bean Pies ....
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