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Postby legion86 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 8:38 am
It is an exercise of naivete on the part of the so-called African Americans to not understand that you were a captured people, placed in cages: so to speak, and that you have today been released. You have been released from the visible presence of the bars surrounding the cage; you are released into an open area where you are yet psysocpropheticallogically (psychically, socially and religiously) fenced in still. ~Honorable Silis Muhammad

It is an exercise of naivete on the part of the Black man to think that the White man is going to just stop attacking Islam, sit down and allow the Black community to rise up. The White man is fighting for his own world. His is not Islam; Islam is yours. And you are angry, while following in his religion, Christianity, because he will allow you only token positions within His world. Who is the fool?~Honorable Silis Muhammad C.E.O. Lost-Found Nation of Islam

You should give yourself a pat on the back. Cause you are down here in "Old Egypt"(America) formalizing a Government, formalizing a Constitution.
That’s what you are doing. Taking control of yourself.
Who in scripture did that? Those children, the Hebrew children did that. What Hebrew children? The Hebrew children that that Jew wrote, when they found the prophecies, the original prophecies, they went to work changing them, rewriting them.~ Honorable Silis Muhammad, Savior's Day 2010

‎"I don't know how to sit here and persuade and/or convince you in words, that man is God. I think that not just you, but any individual would have to go through some of what I've gone through for it to become a realization to him or her. In the awesome period of fear, at death's door, if your are a seeker of knowledge and if you've got the courage to walk on through, great knowledge can be gained. That which I, as a man, foretold would happen, with my own eyes I have seen happen. But I did not foretell it in and of my own authority or power. I got the information from the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and I have stood up on what he taught. I have internalized it. It is within me a reality, as like was it in the Honorable Elijah Muhammad a reality. And that reality gave rise to the Lost-Found Nation of Islam here in America. It inspired so many millions of Black people who today still look to the Nation for inspiration...that inspiration which came from no one except a human being, Master Fard Muhammad." ~Honorable Silis Muhammad, from the book "Hear Silis"

Your desires, your woes (past wrongs committed against you) and your living will, which hungers for national existence and the reproduction of your culture: these are not embodied in the Constitution of America, nor are they protected by the Constitution of America. At the time of the formation of America's constitution, we had no input. ~ Honorable Silis Muhammad - "We are Human Beings"

"Truly I say to you, that when you participate in either the ceremonies or traditions of the devil's holidays, even when you perform these rituals of participation at the houses of your relatives (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, Valentines, Fourth of July) you lend sanction or support, by your presence, to ideas born out of the minds of your enemies"... Mr. Silis Muhammad continues " Halt, turn back and stake yourself to the ground, in the world of the Nation of Islam!"

"Get ready to March out of America. Fall in ranks. All of you especially who were spawned into life by Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom all praises are due. If His teachings touched you any way, good or bad, Fall In! Help build your goverment!" ~ Silis Muhammad - Savior's Day 2010
Postby GodSon » Thu Jul 29, 2010 11:51 am
legion86 wrote:"Get ready to March out of America. Fall in ranks. All of you especially who were spawned into life by Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom all praises are due. If His teachings touched you any way, good or bad, Fall In! Help build your goverment!" ~ Silis Muhammad - Savior's Day 2010

If his teachings affected one negatively why would they fall in to build a government based on said teachings?

He who gives you the diameter of your knowledge,
determines the circumference of your activity.
- Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan
Postby legion86 » Thu Jul 29, 2010 12:04 pm
From the desk of the Honorable Silis Muhammad

What you were before falling into slavery you will never ever know, although the longing to know and to be is still present. You cannot ever know those moments missed. You are no longer who you were. And now that you have been changed, you cannot ever change back into who you were.

Plantation slavery and it lingering effects made you other than self. Today, you are a Black person speaking English as your first language. You practice a culture embodied in you. It is the culture of the Anglo-Saxon, the culture into which you were brought. You do not know what your own culture might have developed into, had you not been taken into slavery, even if you were returned to that culture, if you could find it. Some of what you have become, while in slavery and its lingering effects, would be transplanted there with you.

You are altogether something other than the self you were before falling into slavery. You are not an Anglo-Saxon, yet you speak the Anglo-Saxon tongue. You are Black, yet dress and act White. You have been changed, or better yet, you have been made, cloned or duplicated to act like the Anglo-Saxon. You are in fact a nothing person, or people.

You exist, but as what? The living "Dead," as compared to the self you were before slavery. You are raised as an American ex-African. You look life an African, but you don't think like an African, and no, you don't speak like an African. Your speech is not even White, although it is English. What then are you?

I have been raised up here in America, from underneath your feet, to guide you into a new person, or a new people. In as much as you have been made into a nothing person, a nothing people, we can start from zero, what you are presently are, and reach for the highest star. Since we are about to make self, what self do you want to make? God's Kingdom is foretold in the Scripture, that New Jerusalem is to come down to earth. Who can live in God's Kingdom but Gods?


Silis Muhammad

An Obama Presidency: America’s Great Deception

Presidential candidate Barack Obama should be seen as an American illusion – a false hope for Black people and an American impostor to the freedom lovers of the democratic free world. Obama is paraded before the world in order to make other governments of the world, and Black people, think that the United States of America has changed its policies and is no longer a hypocrite to the fundamental principals of civil liberty. But my people, and governments of the world, the truth is America’s “paramount issue” exists still!

The “paramount issue,” the problem of inequality between Blacks and whites in the country, is as evident today as it was in 1858 in the days of Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln’s chief concern was how other nations would view America’s handling of the slave issue. Mr. Lincoln had this to say: “I hate it (slavery) because it deprives our republican example of its just influence in the world – enables the enemies of free institutions (other governments) with plausibility to taunt us as hypocrites – causing the real friends of freedom to doubt our sincerity, and especially because it forces so many good men amongst ourselves into an open war … criticizing the Declaration of Independence, and insisting that there is no right principle of action but self-interest.” You well know that the Civil War followed.

My reason for mentioning Mr. Lincoln here is that he defines the position in society Blacks would have, after slavery. What is the former and the present status of Blacks in the United States? Mr. Lincoln had this to say: “Free them all, and keep them among us as underlings. Is it quite certain this betters their condition? I think I would not hold one of them in slavery, at any rate; … free them, and make them politically and socially our equal? My own feelings will not admit to this; and if mine would, we well know that the great mass of white people will not, … we cannot, then, make them equals” (Abraham Lincoln His Book, by J. McCAN DAVIS 1909). Now! There you have it! Are we still in the position of “underlings” in America? This question yet hangs over America’s head. “Underlings:” are we yet underlings in the United States of America? Inequality between Blacks and whites persists still. Does Presidential candidate Barack Obama speak of a change in our unequal status in the United States? No!

We were released from plantation slavery in 1865 as America’s “underlings,” but we were not given equal rights, or any thing else. Do we exist today as underlings, in perpetuity, seemingly forever? Both the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Honorable Elijah Muhammad tackled this major U.S. problem in the 1950’s. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., until 1968, had a dream that Black children and white children would walk hand in hand. This dream was not fulfilled. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad, until 1975, asked for some Southern states, some land that we could call our own, and for America’s government to take care of our financial needs for the next 20 years until we could go for self. His prayer fell on deaf ears.

What has happened in the last 33 years to make you think that the American government has changed the unequal relationship? Katrina, Rodney King, Jena 6, and the Sean Bell cases are just a few examples of the racial animosity in America. Yes, Congress did apologize for slavery recently, however this apology came in the form of a resolution from the House of Representatives only, and is meaningless and non-binding, having no force of law. The Senate and the Judicial and Executive branches of government did not support the resolution. Ain’t nothing changed.

Why would a Black man run for President of the United States if not to aim at solving the

“paramount issue” of America and to settle the question of reparations? First off, he ain’t Black – presidential candidate Barack Obama. My people, do not lose your hopes on him by believing in, and voting for, him. He ain’t Black! He doesn’t pretend even to be one of us. He is not like you. He ain’t Black! We cannot say he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. No, he doesn’t even pretend that he is like you. It appears that He wants to be white, but he ain’t white either. He, presidential candidate Barack Obama, dismisses our claim for reparations. He states words to the effect: reparations should go into a fund for better schooling for all. He ain’t Black!

All people in America have not suffered 400 years of plantation slavery and its lingering effects, including Presidential candidate Barack Obama. He was raised in a white environment by white people. He even claims Presidential candidate John McCain to be his cousin. What I’m getting at is Barack Obama does not have the mindset of a Black person that has suffered the effects of plantation slavery. He does not have the same feelings as the children of slaves. He does not know the extent of that pain and has no idea of what it is like to be uprooted from one’s identity, or to live the life of a dead man with no human rights. (In his speech, he treated our call to America for equal justice as if we, Afrodescendants, do not exist.)

Secondly, one element of reparations, where we are concerned, is to not only receive a paycheck, but to have our human rights restored and recognized, thus regaining lost ties or partially lost ties, joining on to each other to become a human family once again (ethnogenesis), having the recognition of the United Nations and enjoying the human dignity that other families of the earth enjoy. Human families such as the Chinese, Korean, Iranian and Japanese still have their mother tongue, culture and religion. Our mother tongue, culture and religion were, by force, taken from us during the sojourn into plantation slavery and its lingering effects. We were robbed of our essential essence, and we still are. Does the democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama not want us to have this? We well know that the United States Government does not want us to have our essence, does not want us to join on with one another and become a human family once again, from its conduct exercised in the United Nations, in 2005.

Some countries in the United Nations want Afrodescendants (so-called African-Americans) to have their human rights and to be restored to the human families of the earth. How do I know? Because I, Silis Muhammad, have been there in the United Nations for the last fifteen years, talking to, and observing, UN officials as they demonstrated their concern for the human rights of Black people, Afrodescendants. They have provided Sub-Commission sanctioned seminars in Honduras and Peru, and collected leaders of Afrodescendants throughout North America, South America, Central America, and the Slavery Diaspora (some 250 million of us) in an attempt to place us under one umbrella.

I also was present in the United Nations when the Human Rights Department was torn down. I know, first hand, what the United States did to tear it down because they did not want us, and over 210 million Afrodescendants, to have our human rights. The U.S. government tore it down along with the help of other governments from around the world who had similar problems. Though China, Iran, Russia, Korea, India, Norway, Ukraine, Chile-- many African and Asian countries and other like governments of the world who do not hold 250 million Afrodescendants from their human rights and reparations, opposed this, the Human Rights department was destroyed!

Where does presidential candidate Barack Obama stand on this issue? Solidly behind the United States government, as is evidenced in the New America Media article, “McCain and Obama Make Reparations a Campaign Taboo.” Does Barack Obama seek a change in the United States’ denial of human rights for Afrodescendants, since his campaign platform is change? Emphatically, no! According to the Scripture, the people who suffered 400 years of slavery are to, afterwards, leave their slave master with great substance … according to the Scripture. Barack Obama supports the United States’ denial of reparations and human rights for Afrodescendants. Like the United States, Presidential candidate Barack Obama does not want reparations for Afrodescendants. He says that a better remedy for America is for ALL to get better education, healthcare, welfare, and so on. But ALL are not suffering the psychologically damaging effects of plantation slavery and its lingering effects.

My people, and governments of the world, Presidential candidate Barack Obama is America’s great illusion, a false hope for Black people, and is being used to hoodwink the world into making it believe we all have equal rights. And we really do not. While the platform of Presidential candidate Barack Obama is change, he makes taboo the issue of reparations-restoration on the campaign trail. The mere fact that reparations is made a taboo on the campaign trail, by both Barack Obama and John McCain, is proof that it is an issue on the minds of the American people; or, that the major issues of Afrodescendants are once again swept under the table.

Reparations-restoration is on the tongue of every minor grass-roots leader of Blacks in America, and it is on the tongues of some major leaders of Blacks. To be sure, reparations-restoration is, at present, a household word within the Black and white communities. I say to the real friends of fundamental principles of civil liberty – freedom, justice and equality – to the world over, and to my people, ain’t nothing changed, and nothing will change, until you change it!

Silis Muhammad
Chief Executive Officer
Lost-Found Nation of Islam
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