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Challenge To Alexyss K. Tylor

Final Challenge To Alexyss
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Djehuty has Alexyss on the ropes. He's willing to pay for her transportation and a fee to defend herself against his accusation.

Now that is what is called STRAIGHT GANGSTA! :lol:
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Larry Muhammad: Okay, Brother Djehuty, brings us up to Atlanta and the Atlanta event so we can really deal with crux of this whole AKT situation and her claims of your products making her sick.

Djehuty: Okay, beloved, no problem. However, I first have to talk about the situation between Alexyss and the videographer for the Vagina Power Tour. Because I’m still cool with the videographer, I won’t divulge her name as she wants to remain anonymous in this whole situation and I don’t blame her.

Anyways, Larry, I made a decision to select and use this Asian female, actually she’s Asian and Black or mixed, to film the lectures of Alexyss and myself for the tour. She resides in California like myself but outside of Los Angeles. Well, one day I’m in the car again speaking with Alexyss and she has just gotten through cramming on Dr. Phil Valentine, Bobby Hemmitt, Queen Afua, and Jewel Pookrum, whom she considers to be her enemies, but really she’s intimated of them because she knows they are accepted by the culturally conscious Black community and she’s not because of the whole sexual thing, being down with homosexual males and lesbians, transvestites, etc. which the culturally conscious Black community are not down with because homosexuality goes against procreation as well as traditional African relationships (which is between a man an woman) and the family as Africans are naturally a family-oriented people.

So, after she’s done cramming on these individuals, gears shift to the Atlanta event and I bring up the videographer. As I describe the videographer to her, a bell rings in Alexyss’ head and she asks me, “Is she that Asian b!#@h that be kicking men all in the a$$ and nuts doing that dominatrix $h!t?” I say to myself “damn”, because it was her. I reluctantly admit to Alexyss, “Yes, that’s her.”

Alexyss responds, “Awe that b!#@h ain’t no good. She was supposed to produce some music beats for me and she just disappeared on me without a trace, just stopped calling me. She’s a fucking flake! I don’t trust that b!#@h! But Djehuty, I respect and trust you so if you say she’s the one, then I’m going to be cool for you and I’m not going to trip.”

Now Larry, I’m hearing this but I know I’m dealing with a female and I know the female species all too well, as you know, and I know Alexyss is just talking but emotionally and mentally, she’s already at war with this woman and can’t stand her over some botched music deal two years prior.

I kept the information (Alexyss’ true feelings) about the videographer to myself for some weeks. Crazy thing is, Larry, the videographer was praising Alexyss and giving her serious props and only talking positive about Alexyss during this time and she didn’t have a clue that Alexyss hated her guts. So, in response to learning Alexyss’ feelings about the videographer for the tour, I say to myself, “Damn, more drama from these goddamn drama-lovin’ black females, Man!” But I have money on the line so I tell myself this $h!t has to work and can work if people choose to let it work, however, when you’re dealing with females, you’re generally dealing with this thing called emotions and when the emotions are unskillful and unchecked as they are in a lot of females in general, black females in particular, you got drama and headaches because logic is obsolete and the emotions are unchecked and the female acts off of these unchecked emotions, therefore, the actions are not rational ones, but irrational ones.

So March gets here and Alexyss is really worried about her appearance due to this excessive gaining of weight, especially in her face. However, she’s excited to wear her new dress she bought (from Dhealthstore payment money) which she ordered online from e-bay, along with some costume jewelry, because she only had a few outfits and had explained to me that in her You Tube videos you only saw her wearing a few outfits because that’s all she had due to struggling financially.

In addition, she revealed to me that she used other people’s homes to film certain videos, like the one Alexyss made by the fireplace putting her legs up and acting all sensual and $h!t, which was the house of her former camera woman, Linda, who actually worked for Alexyss free of charge before leaving Alexyss, as did the camera guy named Mike. Linda allowed Alexyss to use her house to film that video, as Alexyss was actually homeless during that time. This was around the time Alexyss went to the bank one day and while there had a conversation with a bank teller who was a fan of Alexyss and hearing this (being a fan) Alexyss, clearly out of desperation, asked the bank teller fan (whom she didn’t know) could she stay with her because she didn’t have a place to live and the teller responded by asking her, “When you gon’ start making some money off of your videos and books?” Some fan that woman was, but hell, I can’t be mad at her because after all, she really didn’t know Alexyss like that and plus, Alexyss was giving off the vibe that she was ballin’ and had a lot of folks fooled, including myself. When Alexyss told me she was mad at me because I was helping all of these other people, giving them a chance to work with me, like Varaneka, she was mad at me and I told Alexyss, “Hell, I thought you were ballin’! I was trying to get where you were at based upon how you had things looking.” Alexyss laughed and said, “Djehuty, I was broke, struggling, and homeless. Those nice houses and kitchens you saw me in weren’t mines.”

So, now Larry, it’s time to head to Atlanta for the first Vagina Power Tour event. It’s a Wednesday I believe and my wife and I head out to Los Angeles International Airport for Jackson-Hartfield International Airport in Atlanta. We met the videographer there at the airport and all flew out together.

When I get to Atlanta and we’re at the airport, as my wife is getting our rental car, I decide to have a conversation with the videographer about Alexyss and how she feels about the her, because I knew the $h!t was going to hit the fan. I tell the videographer that I know about her and Alexyss’ bad business deal over the music and the videographer gets livid, but with checked emotion I must admit, and calling Alexyss all kinds of b!#@h this and that, and understandably so because has nothing but love for Alexyss despite the past. The videographer tells me the deal, her side of the story, which sounded way may credible than Alexyss’ and it was actually the other way around. I tell the videographer that if $h!t goes down and I have to choose sides or choose between the two, I’m choosing her.

The one thing I can say about the videographer is that she always kept things one hundred with me, from her habits, occupation, history, etc. which I respected and still respect, because I respect honesty and integrity. Alexyss didn’t do this, not directly. Alexyss faked the funk because she’s fraudulent, she has no integrity and if and when you get close to her, you discover this. It all comes out. This is a major reason why she wears so much makeup. Like I said in an article on Dhealthstore.com website, women who wear an excessive amount of makeup got something to hide pertaining to their personality and “inner makeup.” They try to hide their inner makeup with external or outer makeup - mascara, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick and $h!t. Alexyss’ glitter is not gold. Not at all. She puts the makeup on deep and that’s because her issues run deep. There’s a metaphysics to this whole excessive makeup thing.

We get our car and we travel to the W Hotel. We actually was about to check in the wrong W Hotel as there were two of them in the downtown Atlanta area. However, we got directions to the right one and traveled there and checked in.

I text Alexyss and let her know I’m in town but that I’m going to have my phone off and that if she needs anything she can call my assistant Kelli, who in all honesty really wasn’t trying to hear from or deal with Alexyss due to how demanding Alexyss was with her. Again, Alexyss thought all of this was some Hollywood $h!t, asking Dhealthstore to pay for hairdressers and makeup artists to fly all over America just to do Alexyss’ hair and makeup like we were filming a movie or some $h!t, when all we’re were doing was hosting lectures.

Well Larry, Alexyss didn’t like my telling her she couldn’t call me or text me because my phone was going to be off. For one, I was with my wife and wasn’t trying to have Alexyss call me all day and be the needy little girl that she is, and my wife already wasn’t feeling Alexyss via her energy and I know my wife and how she can get, so I was acting on the principle of prevention being better than remedy.

Two days later it’s Friday and everybody else is getting into town. Laketa and her husband make it in from Michigan and they check in at their hotel not far from the W Hotel. Curtis Duncan (Doctah C) texts me and tell me he’s coming tomorrow to help me out as the usher for the event. Duncan is at all of my Atlanta events since first meeting him back in 2006. Duncan has always been there for me as a brother and friend. He’s cool peeps. Reminds me of my incarcerated cousin, Dennis Grimes, also a Cancer like Duncan.

Also, Duncan is one of the person’s in my ear (this was in January 2013 while I was at dinner at a restaurant in Torrance, California with my ex-wife and two eldest children after my son’s basketball game) telling and warning me, “Man, watch out for Alexyss!” And, “Just be careful.”

Again, Larry, so many people hit me up on You Tube (private message) and warned me about Alexyss and Alexyss knew this because I told her. So, with damn near everybody in my ear telling me to be on the lookout for this woman, I can’t lie, I was on the lookout. I knew the potential for what later happened was there from jump. However, I really wanted Alexyss to prove people wrong. I’m a sucker for success and redemption, Larry! I love success and redemption stories, especially from the downtrodden of society. They’re so inspiring and motivational. But Alexyss was so typical and predictable and gave so many people what they predicted and for some, what they wanted. Alexyss really can’t help it, Beloved. Deep down inside it’s really sad that a person is so imprisoned to all the issues that hold her captive against what she claims to want.

Now, later on that Friday evening, I turn my cell-phone back on. I’m in my hotel room with my wife just chillin’. It’s around 6:40 p.m. and I get a text from Alexyss stating she’s coming to the event tomorrow (Saturday) instead of today (that Friday) because the W Hotel wanted $40 for parking and she didn’t have $40. Now mind you, Larry, we got this woman a hotel in her own city to help make things easy on her. In addition, we paid for everything including valet parking. That’s just how we get down at Dhealthstore. We don’t have time to be parking cars and what not. That’s what valet is for and we use it. Evidently, Alexyss was not used to all of this. It was new to her.

I have to admit, Larry, I’m greatly pissed off hearing how she would just decide to not come over $40 and a parking situation, not even thinking about the money invested in her (hotel room for overnight stay, in her own city). First of all, Alexyss was texting Kelli like a little girl asking her for the address and directions to a hotel in her own city and like a little dependent girl couldn’t think to look the hotel up on her own. Kelli told me about this and it pissed me off because it displayed that whole Hollywood celeb mentality where you got people doing every little thing for you, handicapping your a$$. Then, you got Alexyss texting me talking about she’s not coming to the hotel on the Friday we reserved a $250 per night room for her on her request, because she doesn’t have $40 for parking.

I kinda went into pimp mode upon hearing this because as a Taurus, I don’t squander money as I appreciate money and what it can do for a person. I still know the value of a penny, Larry. I’ll never forget all of those impoverished times my family and I had and endured back in the 1970s and 1980s. Never! So, I call Alexyss and tell her, “You need to get down here because we paid $250 for your room and we don’t have money like that to be wasting.”

In little girl fashion, Alexyss says to me: “Djehuty, I called the hotel and they said I have to pay parking and parking is $40 and I don’t have $40.” Now mind you, Larry, this woman is on Dhealthstore’s payroll (as an independent contractor) receiving a minimum of $2,000.00 a month (for advertising). She’s not paying rent because she’s residing in one of her sugar daddy’s house, so where the hell is her money going, you know?

My mentality was, “somebody’s staying in this room tonight that I paid for! You better send a fucking ghost or your etheric double to stay in this b!#@h, because Djehuty Ma’at-Ra has no money to throw away.” That was sentiment.

So out of fear of getting on my bad side she tells me she’s coming to the hotel. She arrives at the W a little after 8 p.m. and calls me and tell me her name is not in the reservation system. I tell her I’m coming down there to straighten things out. By the time I get down there to the receptionist area, Alexyss has gone up to her room. I ask a receptionist about a woman named Alexyss K. Tylor and they tell me she gave them a credit card to run to secure the room. You see the lack of communication and little girl antics, Larry? I told this woman-child I was coming down to handle the matter and she had an attitude and handed them her credit card instead, later telling me, “Djehuty, I didn’t want to bother you, after all, you told me not to call you and kept your phone off.” Larry, if I tell you I’m coming down to handle a matter, what does that mean?

I say to myself: “Lying muthafucka! Talking about she didn’t have $40 for parking.” But then I say to myself, “maybe she really didn’t have $40 cash, as credit is not cash.” At any rate, I leave things alone, but I’m so glad she gave the W Hotel her credit card based upon what was to come the very next day.

Okay, so it’s Saturday March 9th, the day of the big event. We start off by doing the Vagina Power Tour preview interview, filmed by the videographer. Alexyss and the videographer, in typical female fashion pertaining to females who can’t stand each other, fake the funk and pretentiously greet each other. I didn’t care about all the phoniness and pretentiousness as long as things went smooth.

However, this is the first time I’m seeing Alexyss in person since the Tosh O shooting in Culver City, California back in December 2012, and oh my God! Her face was atrocious! She looked like a combination of Rocky Dennis from the 1985 movie “Mask” and the mask worn by the killer in the horror movie “Valentine.” Her face was on serious swole mode and so was her body. I was saying to myself: “Who the f#@k is this person?” “Where’s Alexyss?” I was really a little scared, man, to be sitting next to her. Seriously! She looked really bad, Larry. Had you seen her, you’d know she’s seriously sick in the head to attempt to blame her condition on Nature’s herbs as she later did due to not being able to deal with personal responsibility.

Larry, no herb or herbs in the world can do what happened to Alexyss. Herbs don’t harm. They heal. Herbs don’t make you swell up in the face or body like that. But white table salt does and Glycolic acid does, but because Alexyss likes these toxic chemicals, she doesn’t dare look to them as culprits of her condition. She admits to me in private in email that her weight gain is the result of over-eating due to spiritual and emotional reasons but after I stop paying her due to ending all agreements and canceling the Vagina Power Tour she goes public and blames the herbs for causing her deformity, which is typical of the individual who cannot accept personal responsibility for one’s own actions.

But Media Takeout knew the truth from day one and clowned her on it. Google Media Takeout Alexyss K. Tylor and see what comes up.

www.cdn.mediatakeout.com/61791/yikes-re ... ately.html

In the title, Media Takeout got it right: Alexyss was EATING WELL lately and it was true and all because of the money she was receiving from the Dhealthstore.com business deal.

Media Takeout knew she was pigging out on food and so did I because she told me. Larry, Alexyss couldn’t handle the money she was receiving, even though the money was chump change. She made up for all the meals she missed due to not being able to afford to grocery shop the way she wanted to. She locked herself in the Tiburon house and had her grandmother go to the supermarket for her and pigged out.

Back to the interview, the woman looked plain horrible, Larry. I felt bad for Alexyss and I knew she only appeared at the event for two reasons: (1) to not let me down; and, (2) to prove to me she was not a flake as people said about her, especially after she flaked on Tariq “King Flex” Nasheed during his Atlanta event in which Alexyss agreed to show up and speak for him and was to be paid $500.00 for her appearance. She didn’t show up and gave Tariq no notice and then had the nerve to go on You Tube and blast Tariq in a video entitled “n!&&#a Business” which she removed after our falling out so as to hide the history of her failed business interactions with Black men. In fact, she removed all videos of hers blasting black men she failed at doing business with to hide the fact she has a poor history of conducting business with black men in addition to just having a poor history altogether of conducting business.

People were and are surprised Alexyss didn’t blast me on video as she usually does and has a history of, as most emotionally hurt, unstable, and imbalanced females do, just like Varaneka Laxmi (now Varaneka Celeste, this poor child has serious identity crisis issues and chooses a new name every year in an attempt to hide who she is, real name is Karen Beadle, of San Jose, California) attempted to back in February 2012 after DHS fired her and evicted her from our apartment; but you see, Larry, Alexyss knows better with me because Alexyss knows she sent me a ton of emails of which I have and she knows she’s exposed via these emails that in her own words admits the truth. Alexyss is afraid of my releasing all of her emails that she herself typed and sent to me, which validates everything I’m saying.

You see, Larry, all Alexyss will do in response to my blasting her with facts is, deny my words but offering no evidence to back up any of her claims. All she’ll say is: “He’s lying on me!” “He’s lying on me.” If I’m lying on her she’s lying on her self because I’m just going by what she herself wrote or typed via email. Read the emails, Larry, and then talk to me. Her own emails are admissions against herself because Alexyss opened up like a book and exposed herself. I never once asked Alexyss to reveal any of what she revealed to me. But you see, Larry, she was supposed to because it was high time that Alexyss K. Tylor, Tia Nechelle Wilson, finally fell on her a$$ for being a fraud to the public while talking spiritual stuff while living grossly mundanely. Alexyss K. Tylor is exposed once and for all. Thousands of people around the world come to the Dhealthstore.com website and read the content on the site in the article’s section and soon they’ll be able to read this interview and then you know it’s a wrap for her.

I know I’m just rambling on, Larry, but let me wrap it up so we can move on.

So, I’m sitting next to Alexyss while filming the preview video greatly perturbed at looking at this flawed face female who looks like death waiting for her casket to arrive to put her a$$ in it. We get through the video and Alexyss goes back to her room to finish getting dressed for her lecture.

Laketa speaks first and the Atlanta audience is loving Laketa’s information and presentation. We take a break and then it’s Alexyss’ turn to speak. The room is only half filled and I know this bothered Alexyss due to her Hollywood complex. I introduce her to the audience. They receive her. I then go up to my hotel room to eat a small lunch. I’m up there for about 45 minutes. I’m thinking Alexyss is going to go for at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half, and then get into some Q&A (questions and answers). Our agreement called for her to speak for at least one hour. Anyway, Larry, I come back down to the fourth floor where the event room is located and I see Curtis Duncan standing post near the entrance of the event room. I walk up to him and ask him, “How are things going?” He responds, “things are cool, the people are just waiting.” I’m like, “Waiting for what?” “Where’s Alexyss?” Duncan responds, “Oh, she left!” I say, “What do you mean she left?” Duncan states again, “She left!” I ask Duncan, “Where did she go?” Duncan responds, “I don’t know.” I’m pissed off again now and I’m saying to myself, “This woman is a little girl and is not professional; I can’t be fucking with her; this is some n!&&#a $h!t! I gotta end this fucking tour and break ties with this little girl!” I go look in the event room and I see the people just sitting down and some people are up and moving around. I feel so bad for the people.

I ask Duncan, “How long has Alexyss been gone?” and he responds, “... about 45 minutes.” I’m like, “What? 45 minutes?” I’m now livid. I call Alexyss and after several rings she picks up. Alexyss answers, “Hey Djehuty!” I’m saying to myself, “I don’t want to hear that ‘Hey Djehuty’ $h!t,” so I ask her, “Where are you?” She tells me, Larry, she’s in her room, that she had to wash up. I ask her, “What do you mean, wash up?” “The people didn’t know what’s going on, Alexyss; you can’t do things like that, Alexyss; you must communicate.”

She then says, “I’m sorry Djehuty but I had to wash myself, I don’t want to be smellin’ bad in front of people.” I say to myself, “You stankin’ skin muthafucka! I’ll be goddamned! This woman is a goddamn mess and I don’t think this tour with her is going to work.”

Larry, with God as my witness, right there at the W Hotel in Atlanta, I start entertaining the idea that this Atlanta event was the first and last. Too much was revealed in Atlanta and I knew I didn’t have the patience to deal with Alexyss and her n!&&#a and childish antics.

She apologizes and says she’s coming back down. I go in the room and pick up the mic and begin talking and galvanize the audience. By this time the room has filled up with people coming to see myself as the highlight speaker, even though it’s the Vagina Power Tour.

Alexyss returns and sits in the back of the room by the camera man, who was actually her own camera man she brought at the last minute, I guess thinking I was going to take all rights to the videos which I told her we’d have 50/50 ownership rights to.

I could see on her face she didn’t want to be there. She couldn’t stand not being the center of attention. She felt upstaged by myself. It was written all over her face. Alexyss’ whole attitude was funky that entire day and visit. She was funky that whole day, and, in more ways than one.

Well, Larry, we finish the event. Everyone had a good time, but now it was time to go eat dinner and get back to the hotel to catch early morning flights back to our respective cities and states.

It’s a little before 9:00 p.m. and my wife, Curtis Duncan and a little sister from Chicago named Nasfiyah are standing in the lobby of the W Hotel waiting for our car so we can get a late night dinner at Cafe Sunflower in the Buckhead area of Atlanta.

While we’re waiting for our car, a W Hotel receptionist informs us that we have to pay for a whole day’s stay for Alexyss’ room (an additional $250) because instead of leaving at 12 noon, the original check out time for that Saturday, and then not leaving after a few hours extension granted to her by the hotel, which was over with at 3 p.m., Alexyss finally checks out after 8 p.m. all because she constantly had to wash her stankin’ funky black a$$ because she’s foul - not living or eating right and her body is dropping dime on her, manifesting the foulness through a stench coming from her body and including her VJ area. Larry, any time a woman has to wash her a$$ several times a day, she’s fumigating. She smells foul because she lives foul. Period!

Anyway, Larry, I’m so glad that Alexyss ran her own credit card the day before because that’s the card the W Hotel charged the extra day on. That was karma for that whole poverty consciousness and trying get over scheme talking about she didn’t have parking money. She thought she had to pay for parking but wanted DHS to pay for parking but was afraid to ask so she just came up with the first lame excuse talking about she didn’t have $40 dollars for parking. Tried to save $40 dollars and the dummy lost $250.00 all from trying to get over, but that’s if she really didn’t have $40 in cash, that is.

Alexyss never met my wife in person and while my wife, Duncan, Nasfiyah and myself were waiting in the lobby for our car, Alexyss and her cameraman exit the elevator and walk by us. The only thing Alexyss says is: “Djehuty, you have my check?” I tell her Anush, DHS accountant is going to take care of her payment of $1,000.00 (even though she didn’t speak for an entire hour). Alexyss never comes over to introduce herself to my wife or anyone else (Duncan and Nasfiyah) or shake hands or anything. She looks at my wife with attitude and disdain and exits the hotel with her cameraman. She only asked about money and then jetted. A stone cold hustler. Just came to collect a check.

The four of us go to Cafe Sunflower, enjoy our meal and conversation and head back to the W. I break Duncan off a few hundred dollars for his ushering service and go up to my room. We got Nasfiyah a room for that night because she had flown in from Chicago to attend the lecture and had a returning flight to Chicago at 3 p.m. that Saturday which was going to cause her to miss my presentation that day. When I found out, I had Nasfiyah change her flight and then come with me down to the front desk and got her a room at DHS expense. I felt that was the least I could do considering her efforts to be there that day.

We flew out Sunday morning, headed back to Los Angeles and boy did I head back with a lot on my mind and some serious decisions to make.

Larry Muhammad: So what happens post Atlanta?

Well, I get back to Los Angeles, or Glendale, being technical, and Alexyss and I really don’t have much conversation. We both realized some things in Atlanta and we really don’t have to talk about them. We both can sense the other person and what’s going on with them, what they’re thinking about. We know because we can sense.

Alexyss makes her last Dhealthstore.com order in March 2013 according to our records and I bring this up for a reason, setting a foundation for further exposure of a fraud and irresponsible little girl trapped in a physically grown woman’s body.

At any rate, it’s around March 21st, 2013 and I fly out to Norfolk, Virginia to do my event with the good brutha Dr. Umar Abdullah Johnson. I wanted to do the event again with Umar that sistah Karen Cooper originally set up back in late 2011 upon my public notice on Facebook that I was no longer with Dherbs and my former partners Ahman Dolphin, Jamelle Dolphin and Katerina Hajkova were involved in an ugly legal battle with them attempting to steal my product trademarks and intellectual property. Karen was the first person to reach out to me and let me tell you, Larry, I never forgot nor will I ever. That’s the Taurus personality, beloved. However, as Dhealthstore.com blew up almost over night and my situation had changed, especially my financial situation, I wanted to show my love for Virginia and their support. So this time around, I was personally financing everything. I scheduled the event for March 23, which just happened to be my mother’s born day.

The videographer and I flew out to Virginia in the midst of very stormy weather and arrived in Norfolk that Thursday evening. I checked into my hotel room, not letting anybody know I was in town because I just wanted to rest up and prepare for the weekend event in Newport News, Virginia. The Virginia trip was also the last trip for the videographer who I also decided to severe business ties with for various reasons but also stemming from some occurrences in Atlanta that I didn’t like or approve of.

That Friday afternoon, I got a text from Alexyss stating she wanted to talk to me and to give her a call. Larry, intuitively I knew what the subject matter was. I knew Alexyss could not deliver on the tour and that her self-fulfilling prophesy had manifested. I knew it, Larry. I knew it was coming.

Alexyss kept telling me back in late 2012 and early 2013, “Djehuty, I’m not going to let you down” and you see Larry, the Universe does not process negative language and cancels out the words “no”, “not”, non”, and “don’t”, and of course Alexyss is very ignorant to this fact and Universal law and so when she constantly uttered this statement, the Universe processed it as, “Djehuty, I’m going to let you down” and she had to, Larry, because this is how she has programmed herself. Alexyss operates on self-destruct, self-sabotage mode and because she’s so injured from being so abused she really can’t help herself in her present state, beloved.

From this conditioning and processing, Larry, Alexyss sabotaged her interactions and business transactions with Lex Lewter of Light Up Films, author and movie producer Tariq “King Flex” (The Elite) Nasheed, and Natural Tahuti. Well, I was next in line to be added to this list. Mind you, Larry, all of us - Tariq, Lex, Natural Tahuti and myself all agreed to pay Alexyss for her services. But if you listen to Alexyss, she’ll tell you that all of us tried to f#@k her over. Take Lex Lewter for example. Alexyss accused him of stealing her video tape (footage) but when you listen to Lex’s side of the story, you see Lex was simply conducting business and was simply asking to be paid for his services rendered and Alexyss was so broke, she couldn’t pay Lex the $750 he was requesting for his services that he rendered which would allow him to turn over the footage Alexyss was requsting; again, you have Alexyss wanting something for nothing (from non sugar daddies) under her false sense of entitlement like she’s some kind of Hollywood celebrity which she isn’t and never will be in this lifetime.

If you listen to Lex, you’ll further see that Alexyss doesn’t know business and in her interaction with Lex, Lex admits she changed up the agreement whereby originally there was a 60/40 split of the revenue and poverty conscious and unethical Alexyss changes it to 0/100 with Lex getting nothing despite his services, and Larry, that’s just not fair and it’s unethical, Sir. You don’t do this in business, beloved. People like Alexyss are the reason contracts exist.

Now, as soon as she didn’t get what she wanted, in typical imbalanced, unstable, and hurt female fashion, Alexyss turns to slandering and defaming Lex through several You Tube videos and also claiming that Lex, a grown a$$ man and a professional at that, created fake You Tube accounts to attack her, the same exact things this sick a$$ child accused me of doing (like I really have to do that when I’m bold as hell and tell people the real deal all the time showing my face in videos and under my real name); and Larry, the girl states this because this is exactly what Alexyss does, beloved. She’s a little girl that acts childish like most emotionally unstable and hurt females, and in childish fashion, this grown a$$ woman will create fake You Tube accounts and attack herself and also attack others whom she deems her enemy.

I told you before, she’s on the bipolar side and has two distinct personalities: Tia the Victim and Alexyss the big bad b!#@h (Tia’s protector). And it’s no wonder that she has now hooked up with the clinically bi-polar diagnosed Karen Beadle (aka Varaneka Celeste fka Varaneka Laxmi) and have become buddy buddy with Varaneka despite the fact of calling Varaneka demonic and all types of other names in my defense after Varaneka took to cyberspace to talk crap about me in response to her termination and eviction from our business and apartment, but sick people do this kind of stuff and in all honesty, that’s why I like studying these people, Larry. I like studying psychosis. These people can’t hurt me because I’m too powerful. Look at what Varaneka tried to do and look at her today. I’m still Djehuty Ma’at-Ra because I keep my identity intact predicated upon keeping my morals and ethics intact. Today, Varaneka is no longer Varaneka Laxmi, she’s Varaneka Celeste (names she uses on social media like Twitter and will probably change again after getting wind of this interview exposing her true identity). When people constantly change their name, they’re running. Running from themselves. Running from their identity, their actions, etc. But like Osho said, what you run from, you run to. No matter what Varaneka changes her name to, she always be Karen Beadle from San Jose, California. You can’t run or hide from your self, who you are. Nobody can!

But I digress. Alexyss creates fake accounts to take jabs at people but also to take jabs at herself to garner sympathy and support for her victim-identifying self from her “fans” (fanatics). Mentally, spiritually, and emotionally imbalanced people and also cowardly people, do this. AD (Ahman Dolphin) of Dherbs, a serious coward, did this early off after the split, setting up several fake You Tube accounts so as to come to the Dhealthstore You Tube accounts to take jabs; Corey Hall has resorted to this (after DHS also let him go, sending him back to his childhood homie and boss AD); Katerina Hajkova of Dherbs also did this, and the list goes on and on. There’s just a lot of uncultivated human beings out there who operate from unskillful emotion and you have to know how to deal with these people and I do, and well.

Larry, when you’re ready to go to print with this interview, I want to include words coming straight from Lex Lewter to further expose Alexyss K. Tylor and the liar that she is:

BROOKLYN, NY (September 1, 2010) – Lex Lewter, Co- founder of LightUp Films, is a rising and well respected film and video director based in Brooklyn, NY. Lex Lewter and LightUp Films would like to issue the following statement in response to the false and misleading allegations posed by Alexyss K. Tylor:

I was referred to Alexyss K. Tylor by my team member to shoot and edit her first New York City appearance to help with Tylor’s viral presence. My team and I set up video and audio for this production at no charge with the agreement that Alexyss K. Tylor and LightUp Films would split DVD sales 60/40. With the help of team members, Light Up Films paid out-of-pocket for all required materials for the production in order to fulfill our agreement.

Following production, we created and released a trailer DVD which was sent by Alexyss K. Tylor to all the potential costumers and fans. Two weeks after the DVD trailer was released, Alexyss K. Tylor changed her initial agreement from a 60/40 split to keeping 100% of her DVD profit sales, therefore implying that I would have to sell the DVD myself in order to be compensated for the work I had done.

In the midst of editing the project we didn’t have access to the hard drive for a few weeks. Alexyss K. Tylor was notified and aware of the situation. One week after we resumed editing the project, I was offered a job to work on a huge film project in New Orleans. Knowing I would have to take time away from editing the project, I informed Alexyss K. Tylor immediately, and told her that I will be working on the project as time permitted while away as this was a paid job.

Two days later, as I was boarding a flight to New Orleans, I began to receive text messages from Alexyss K. Tylor stating that I was “using her name and likeness without her permission,” and that “I will never be successful because of what I’m doing to her,” and other absurd accusations. I expressed to her that there is a wrong way and a right way to handle business. I proceeded to shut down my phone before take-off. While waiting for my connecting flight I turned my phone on and text messages from Alexyss K. Tylor continued to roll in asking for “her raw footage” to so her own editors can complete the job. Although this wasn’t our agreement I figured this was the best way to wash my hands and be done with this situation before things get worse.

In a text message, I stated, “I’m going to send you an invoice for services rendered. Once I’ve received the payment in full and also a hard drive to transfer [her] footage over, I would be more then happy to get her what is rightfully yours.” I sent over the invoice for $750 for services rendered ($350 – cameraman day rate, and $400 for editing the trailer.) I received no response from Alexyss K. Tylor, therefore I sent a follow up email to see if she was still interested in the footage. She responded asking for the invoice again. She didn’t agree with the price and stated, “That’s not what we agreed on,” further stating she didn’t want to supply a hard drive for the footage, but would like the footage on a blank disk. She later emailed me threatening to create a video telling her fans why they can no longer purchase a copy of the DVD. Following was the release of three videos slandering and defaming the name of Lex Lewter and LightUp Films.

Alexyss K. Tylor has unethically released multiple videos with false and ridiculous accusations of me stealing “her video footage.” I am a man of integrity and honesty in all aspects of my life. Furthermore, I would like to make the following clear:

1). I never used Alexyss K. Tylor’s name and likeness in any manner.

2). I never sold her NYC appearance video on 125th Street in New York City.

3). I never created a YouTube account to post negative comments and statements about Alexyss K. Tylor

4). I never threaten or caused harm to any member of Alexyss K. Tylor’s family

Alexyss resorts to slander and defamation when she doesn’t get her way and Larry, I’m sorry, but I’m glad and honored the Universe used me against this woman. Everything was divine. All that slandering and defaming innocent people with her lies, now look at her karma coming back to her, and not with slander and defamation, but hardcore facts and truth. Remember, I have all of Alexyss’ emails; and again, this is why you’ll never see Alexyss blasting me publicly. She’s afraid. She know I got the goods on her. So rather than address my You Tube video “AKT: Setting the Record Straight” she’ll engage with herself, Corey Hall, Varaneka, and a few other trolls in the comments area with empty gossip; or, like her desperate attempt with the transvestite video with one of her former lovers (or f#@k mates, more appropriately), the notorious human degenerate ‘Trashman’ (the guy jailed for allegedly lacing jars of Gerber’s baby food with cyanide to kill off black babies), that was supposed to be her response to my video (coming four weeks later from me dropping my video) speaking as a homosexual talking about we had sex together or how I’m a homosexual or whatever the video really said as I didn’t view it beyond 30 seconds as immediately I could tell this was some bull$h!t.

Everybody saw through that desperate attempt (homosexual response video) and nobody took it seriously. It just closed the door on Aleyxss and showed how desperate she was in an attempt to create damage control from her being exposed as a prostitute, attempting to attack my sexuality, which everybody knows is 100% non-negotiable heterosexual and monogamous (clearly evidenced in my videos and my subject matter) and in which I’m 100% comfortable in, simply because Alexyss is not comfortable in her sexuality, not knowing if she wants to be a full fledged lesbian or bisexual or be straight (heterosexual) and have a man and get married and even have a baby (which she expressed to me how she really wanted such).

She’s clearly confused about her sexuality, admitting to being lesbian or bisexual in public but behind closed doors, on the phone with me crying about how she wants a man and to get married and have a baby, but how she’s sacred of d!(. at the same time. Alexyss is a walking contradiction.

Continued in Part 4
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:08 pm
Alexyss' recent response to Djehuty:

(Begins @ 96:00)

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truenubia/ ... oney-twins
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:25 pm
@ 137:30

In your opinion, is that real or some hell-i-fied acting?
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Sun Sep 08, 2013 7:36 pm
Alexyss said that she won't show the emails that would PROVE Djehuty is lying on her because she chooses not to lower her standards and engage in a shit-sligging match with him.

Sorry, but Alexyss doesn't strike me as a woman who would turn down a sh-t-sligging contest...UNLESS she doesn't have sh-t to sling herself.

I have to agree with Djehuty when he says that Alexyss was manipulating the hell out of the host of that show by playing the innocent-sympathy card. The woman has skills.
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Mon Sep 09, 2013 2:09 pm
http://www.blogtalkradio.com/truenubia/ ... ty-maat-ra

today at 8:00 pm est

1st Hour:
Disaster Preparedness -

2nd Hour:
Dhealthstore w/Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

-Dhealthstore.com specializes in information & health products formulated by master herbalist, health researcher, metaphysician, & spiritual counselor Djehuty Ma'at-Ra

We assist all people desiring to take their own health into their own hands &/or who want to improve their lives by improving their health & well-being on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

We do not sugar coat anything at Dhealthstore.com, including the Truth. We tell it like it is & in bold and uncompromising fashion. We are a unique business unlike any other?...
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Mon Sep 09, 2013 7:03 pm
CORRECTION: The show isn't until 9pm est
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:42 am
Djehuty wasn't on the aforementioned show for some reason...but don't be disappointed....because it's going down this Friday! :lol:

Djehuty plans on doing an interview with Tommy Sotomayor where he will present proof of all the claims against Alexyss being of a non-verbal nature. He has invited her to be on the show with him (and willing to pay her $1000/hr for her time) to prove his claims are false and to show that he's a liar. So far, she has not accepted the offer.

I assume you can watch the show at the link below. I'll post the exact details once I find them out.


Here are Djehuty's YouTube videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/Dhealthstore/videos

Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Wed Sep 11, 2013 11:44 am
Djehuty doesn't look concerned about being proven as a liar. :lol:

Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Thu Sep 12, 2013 3:20 am
Exposing Alexyss K Tylorr!

Friday September 13th 8pm est


http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ywmv/2013/ ... s-k-tylorr
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:25 am
The AKT Expose on Tommy Sotomayor RESCHEDULED!
Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:24 pm
Dang...I forgot that the show with Djehuty is tonight. Luckily I thought about it just in time because it is just starting and Djehuty says that he is still will be on and going ETHER on Alexyss. :lol:

http://www.blogtalkradio.com/ywmv/2013/ ... storecom-1




Postby SOUTHERNMIND » Tue Sep 17, 2013 8:38 pm
Scratch the Ustream link for a live feed. Here are a few other links to view the broadcast.


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