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Postby Naim88 » Mon Aug 11, 2003 1:04 pm

To You All

I at least give Mother Tynetta Muhammad credit for her trying to teach the followers of Minister Louis Farrakhan such truth as to give them a mathematical understanding of themselves as taught by the Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad!

But how she is trying to put the tail of the donkey on the back of Minister Louis Farrakhan study guides as being the source of light that the Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad wanted us to have is beyond me!

Sister Tynetta Muhammad wrote the following: At the close of my last article, I presented an outline and diagram of 7 basic units, introduced by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in the Muhammad Speaks newspaper, added to the 22-point Muslim Program of Wants and Beliefs. From this basis, we derived the mathematical formula of pi used as a fraction 22/7, which is traced back to the origin of God, himself!

[b]Mother Tynetta Muhammad than writes: Where did this concept of pi come from in its application to the Nation's activity? It is rooted in a discovery I made many years ago in relationship to the Nation's sacred writing of Lessons. WHen adding every number of the questions and answers all together, we come to the number 154 I divided this number by 7, with the result of 22. 22/7 is the fraction representation of pi--the unversal number of creation.
When 7 is multiplied by 22, we return back to the whole number of our lesson code of 154. When we add each one of these digits 1+5+4, the answer is 10, which refers to the big 10 of our univers, the brain of our solar system or the tenth system representing the sun and her family on nine planets.
From this same number 154, we derive the 19 based mathematical code of the Holy Qur'an, by adding derive the first two digits 15 to 4 = 19. From this principle I derived the two fundamental mathematical equations, 22/7 pi and the number 19 code as key formulas to activate the entire program of operations in the Nation of Islam.[/b]

With such a beautiful understanding of the teachings of the Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad why does not Mother Tynetta Muhammad tell Minister Louis Farrakhan that Allah, Master Fard Muhammad is The Lord of All The Worlds and stop changing or trying to change that which cannot be changed!

Mother Tynetta Muhammad gets her understanding from the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad as well as most of us yet some of us see it a little different!

I've wrote this before on several occasions that if you look at the word PYRAMID you can also find the word PI which Mother Tynetta Muhammad is teaching the believers under Minister Louis Farrakhan to understand!

Yet 22/7 can also be seen in the sojourn of the Hon. ELijah Muhammad journety in North America teaching the Supreme Wisdom of Allah, Master Fard Muhammad for forty-four years which if you divide the his forty-four years of being under the guidance of Master Fard Muhammad by TWO you will get 22 plus another 22 equaling his forty-four year journey under the guidance of the Supreme Being, Master Fard Muhammad! Teaching you and I of the TWO GODS one being Made and the other Independent or the AL-FURQAN between us and the devils!

The number seven is made up of the square and the circle which the number four stands for the square, foundation, or the women and three is the circle which is the number of the man equaling the divine number of Allah himself! IT is this stone or supreme wisdom that was hidden from man and recorded as being overlooked or not given to the rulers of this wicked world that is being revealed to the black man to day by the Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad! It wasn't hidden per say so much as there inability to understand what was written as Jesus accuses them that they could not interpret the writings that are on the walls of the universe or surely they would know the time of their end!

Mother Tynetta Muhammad teaches of the truth of the 154 and its relevance to the number 10 and our universe. What she should've pointed out to the believers is the truth concerning what the scientist wrote about the power that was his hidden in the hands of Master Fard Muhammad representing his future works as well as his supreme wisdom taught to the Messenger of Allah, Elijah Muhammad!

Mother Tynetta Muhammad fails to tell you the believers that it is this 154 that represents the number of years from the year 1862 the year of the Emancipation Proclamation. The 154 codes of lessons as she calls it gives to you the keys to your freedom, justice, and equality that was promised to you by the slave master but he would not deliver!

From the year 1862 + 154 you get the year after Brother Rashid has been telling the believers about the time of our sojourn in the darkness and our coming out to greet the husbandman, Master Fard Muhammad which is the year 2016!

more later!

Postby TIME FOR A CHANGE! » Mon Aug 11, 2003 1:40 pm
Postby yusef-truth tell » Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:16 pm
the messenger banned tynetta in 1972 for writing in the muhammad speaks because she was writing about astrology and bullshiit!

Postby THE JUDGE » Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:23 pm

Postby Naim88 » Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:35 pm



I understand what you are saying but truth no matter what or when it is spoken can be acknowledged no matter who speaks it! I don't know much about her infamous number 19 theology but I do know that Islam is Mathematics and Mathematics is Islam and can be proven in no matter of time!

If you want to understand what Tynetta Muhammad is talking to she is speaking on numbers which I believe is called SACRED GEOMETRY which is GOD MATH's hidden in the creation of the universe not apparent to the eyes physical eyes as the Qur'an alludes to, but that which is referred to as not being seen, but that which is unseen!

It is this engineering of the universe or putting together of the creation of Allah that is being shared with the minds of the Lost and Found members of the Nation of Islam, The Tribe of Shabazz!

The usage of Algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus is how the scientist went about squaring, writing or prophesizing of the black nation sojourn over a twenty-five thousand period of time!

The PI which is 22/7 stems from the house or The Lord of The Worlds MIND is refering to day 1 of our calender year and takes us through the twelve houses, or the Celestial Spheres as they are called which extends over a period of 2100 years marking our travels with the SUN making its total of 25,000 years which also totals 50,000 year travel along what is called Zion I believe! This is how the black man wrote his history of himself and his people over a twenty-five thousand period of time which used to be longer. The Hon. Elijah Muhammad tells you and I that just over fifty thousand years ago one of our Gods took us into the Jungle to make us tougher!

The 22/7 fraction represents the numerical 10 which is referring to the SUN and the Nine Planets which gives you the reference to Master Fard Muhammad having power and force over them in this time period!

The number is 7 is the Mind of Master Fard Muhammad being given to you and I the believers both the FOI (3) and MGT (4) as the new ATOMS AND OVUM of Life is being pierced from the darkness of the falsehood for the past 6000 years buried in what is called the TRIPLE DARKNESS of this World!

Two thousand year periods three times and the light of the SON of Man Will pierce the lost and found NOI who are members of The Tribe of Shabazz who didn't even recognize him, Master Fard Muhammad when he walk the streets of North America!

It is this Sun traveling inwardly towards the center of our universe which they, scientist say takes twenty thousand years and the Sun takes another thrity thousand years outwardly. Making in total 50,000 years which is reflected at the changes made at our poles as well as the circumference! This covers the two periods of 25,000 years each Reflecting the duality in nature as expressed by the YIN and YANG, Male and female, It is also called Canis Major and Canis Minor known and reflected by the Women Labora Major and Labora Minor which she functions on the principle of the heavens etcetera, etecetera!

So you may call it what you may but truth should not be shot down because you don't understand it or you and I have not grown in understanding what is being said no matter if she is using it for someone who opposes the teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad! The math that she is using is the math the Mason, BUILDERS of this world used while rejecting Allah's PERFECTED STONE, ISLAM!

You can correct me if you think this is from Farrakhan! Though I mustl say this to you and any other person reading this post. I only attended Islam under the current NOI for nine months! I have no tapes nor have I ever purchased any of Farrakhan tapes, I own no books of Farrakhan whatsoever nor have I read any of Farrakhan books but the one that is called the Seven Speeches of Minister Louis Farrakhan which was written under the leadership of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad! So please spare me the Farrakhanology label you are not talking with a student of Minister Louis Farrakhan I am a student of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and his only!
Postby Hasan » Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:58 pm
1862 has nothing to do with us. Quit trying to throw numbers to together. We are not to be waiting until 2016 you sound very foolish.

Postby ShakeNBake » Mon Aug 11, 2003 5:55 pm
You know, it's a real damn shame that Tynnetta Muhammad has used her so-called relationship with the Messenger to dump numerology on ignorant black minds. Elijah Muhammad wanted people to understand REAL MATHEMATICS, which is the basis of finance, science, medicine, engineering, etc.

Tynnetta's numerology is disgusting, and is just as sick as "dream books" and other garbage sold and peddled to black people and even poor whites, in order to get people who don't understand mathematics, statistics, etc. to pin their hopes on ethereal "concepts" and make-believe.

The Number 19 is no more "divine" than "Pi", the largest known prime number, or the difference between a line segment and a ray.

She truly brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "irrational numbers" (and I bet she couldn't even explain to you what an irrational number is) ....

That's why no one remembers anything from the Million Ma March, because she and Farrakhan cooked up a speech full of bull$h!t numerology, but even MLK's detractor's can at least quote "I have a dream that ..." (and if they're really good, they can quote the "lips dripping with interposition and nullification" section)

Instead we get the words of the Unholy Trio (Farrakhan, Jabril, Tynnetta):

"The Washington Monument, built by Willie Lynch during the Eternal Equinox rising over the Great Pyramids during the harmonic celestrial seasonings of tea is exactly 19,000 square feet, a divine number with three big nothings behind it ...."

Excuse me, I got to go play my lucky numbers in the Lotto 19-19-19-19-19-19 ......

Postby Naim88 » Tue Aug 12, 2003 6:26 am

To You All!

When we study the Teachings of the Hon. Elijah Muhammad and he teaches us from O.S.H.A. page 98:

Once every twenty-five thousand years, another God would be given a chance to show forth His Wisdom to the people.
This has been going on for many trillions of years, according to His teachings to me-at least since the deportation of moon and earth, according to the science of why we use a cycle of twenty-five thousand years. This is compared to the circumference of our earth at the equator, which is approximately twenty-five thousand miles. This is also compared withthe rotation of our earth or the change at the poles which also makes a complete change once every twenty-five thousand years.

On page 119 of O.S.H.A. H.E.M. says: He makes all things new. Allah (GOD) Who Came in the Person of Master Fard Muhammad, to Whom Praises are Due forever, taught me that every twenty-five thousand (25,000) years, each God Coming After the Other God made a new civilization. His Belief, Teaching, and Theology were Different From the Other God Who Proceeded Him Who Made a beautiful change in the History of the wisdom of man.

The Hon. Elijah Muhammad has said on numerous occasions that we should take seriously what is written in the Qur'an as it is the actual words of Allah and his thinking!

The ancient called this writing of actual facts, prophesies etcetera SACRED GEOMETRY which is the SACRED WRITING Or HOLY QUR'AN that overlaps the universe. Otherwise said to be The Sacred (EGO/METRY) measurements of Allah will, Wisdom, Power, and Force overlapping the entire unvierse or that which will effect the universe and our solar system for the next Twenty-five thousand years.

Postby Naim88 » Tue Aug 12, 2003 1:21 pm


The Judge

I see you are still up to your antics of representing MLF as best you know how which is in the manner of a savage!
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